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Waste Warriors: SEPA’s Life Smart Programme Leads the Way
Waste crime may not receive a lot of news coverage, but it can be a serious problem – for law enforcement, for the environment and for haulage companies that risk getting caught up in it. An innovative new European initiative helps to tackle the ...
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Male Organ Function Tips for Weekend Sensual Warriors
When the weekend rolls around, many men have one thing on their mind: taking advantage of their free time to enjoy some delightful sensual escapades, either with a partner or alone. Such weekend sensual warriors are anxious to make the most of their time off, ...
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An Homage to Ancient History: Visit the Terracotta Warriors
Uncovered by well diggers near the city of Xi’an, China in 1974, the Terracotta Army is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in history. What, When, How, Why, Where? The Terracotta Army, which consists of thousands of unique, life-sized clay ...
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Hot Chocolate: The Drink of Aztec Warriors, Explorers and War Heroes
Do you ever treat yourself to a hot cup of cocoa before going to bed? This can be a cosy treat, even though many people see drinking chocolate as something of a childish indulgence. This should not be the case, as there are all kinds of sophisticated, elegant ...
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