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Introducing the New Tiny Tracking Devices from Ctrack
There’s a lot to think about when you’re managing haulage companies. With fleets of vehicles working different jobs all over the country and sometimes beyond, you need to make sure you know where your drivers and assets are, where they should be and how ...
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Chester County Golf Club is Introducing Insurmountable Luxury to The Game of Golf
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WEST CHESTER, PA (MAY 3, 2019) - Chester County golf club within the Hershey’s Mill houses a beautiful golf course for the members of the club. The private golf club provides the best service and this attributes to its status of ...
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Introducing ADT and Sfara’s Driver Safety Solution
Safety is paramount for company managers and owners, but controlling a fleet of courier drivers when they’re out on the road can be tricky. Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) and Sfara have introduced a change in fleet telematics that aims to create a driver ...
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The AI Badie Group Plays a Major Role in Providing Financial Support for Introducing a University Education System for Refugees
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (March 26, 2019) - A presentation was recently hosted for introducing a critical humanitarian project built by the Swiss International Humanitarian Organization (UniRef) in association with multiple parties including the Al ...
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Introducing the Best Gold Buyers Near Me
Miami (December 06 2018)- There may instances, when people may set out to search on for the local pawn shops. Although Miami has ample of them, it solely depends on a person’s choice of landing upon the best place to sell his valuables. The ...
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Introducing the Early Introduction of Longer Semi-Trailers
The haulage industry is ever-changing and always evolving. Changes come in many forms, from revolutionary new technology and innovative gadgets to incremental improvements in practice. Some of the best improvements, though, come from the simplest ideas ...
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Other Wildlife on an Indian Tiger Tour: Introducing the Sloth Bear
Nature lovers who travel to India on a dedicated Tiger tour are privileged to enjoy one of the most exciting wildlife experiences available. Seeing this enigmatic and secretive big cat in its natural habitat is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But the ...
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Introducing Long Path Files To Delete Unlock And Rename With Long Path Tool Software
Santa Clara, CA (July 11, 2018) – KrojamSoft, Inc., a software developing company, makes its users resolve path too long and filename too long errors with Long Path Tool 5.1.6 Crack software. It is a product that makes the users erase, rename a ...
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Sushi Express Cafe Is Introducing Japanese Cuisine To Dubai
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DUBAI, UAE (JUNE 3, 2018) - Sushi Express Cafe is proving to be one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai. With the professional Japanese chefs and customer-oriented service, the restaurant is revolutionizing the experience for ...
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Introducing the Logistics Hall of Fame!
As we all know, Hollywood has its Walk of Fame, which celebrates the great and the good of show business past and present. Though few people would say that members of the delivery work industry are as glamorous as shimmering USA starlets, we appreciate talent ...
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Introducing our new line of Dual Color LED s Surface Mount Lights
Extreme Tactical Dynamics (ETD) have recently announced the release of their new Dual color LED’s surface mount lights. The new series of Dual color LED surface mount lights allow users to select the same color or alternating colors with the flip of a ...
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Introducing Creeper & Knotweed - Cultivated Gifts for Gardeners
Launched in December 2017, Creeper & Knotweed is a new online emporium for garden lovers. Showcasing the very best in terms of design, style and substance, Creeper & Knotweed brings together an eclectic, witty and vibrant collection of gardening gifts for ...
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New TMS, New Era: Introducing the Kuebix Shipper
In exciting news for anyone involved in courier work (from management and administration right down to the hardworking drivers themselves), logistic technology innovators Kuebix have just launched the first free transportation management system (TMS): Kuebix ...
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Introducing Young Minds to Intriguing India
Planning a school trip brings with it more than the responsibility of administration and organisation. The challenge is on educators' shoulders to choose a destination that can engage young hearts and minds in such a way that deep and active learning can be ...
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Introducing Pamela Dennison: The CILT’s New Mastermind
In important news for anyone with a vested interest in the Northern Ireland transport industry, a new National Regional Officer has been appointed to the renowned Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).The appointment heralds a new era, with ...
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