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True Grit: Timely Warnings from Highways England
As all road users know, winter can be a really rough time to drive. Long, dark nights, bad weather and unexpected obstructions combine to cause a lot of potential hazards. And delivery drivers are especially at risk – after all, the general advice to ...
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Getting More from Highways England
Highways England is one of the most important professional bodies for those making a living as a courier driver, as it controls all the major motorways and main A-roads in the UK. Sadly, according to a recent survey by the watchdog, Transport Focus, many in ...
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Winter Preparation on England’s Highways
In winter, delivery work can become a nerve-wracking test of a driver’s skills and patience. As the colder months approach, every professional haulier and delivery driver is keeping a wary eye on the weather forecast in the hopes that Old Man Winter ...
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