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Connectivity Improvements Planned for the Heart of England
For those working in the transport industry, good infrastructure and access are absolutely crucial. Poor connections between towns mean drivers have to navigate confusing country lanes on long journeys, which costs time and money. Good connections, on the ...
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Telematics and the Era of Connectivity
This month’s focus is on telematics and communication, both of which have revolutionised the haulage industry. Long gone are the days when trucks left the haulage yard and weren’t heard from again until the cargo was delivered. Every step of the delivery ...
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USB power relay and relay module for distanced connectivity!
Working on your laptop day and night? Don’t know how to connect those multiple gadgets and plug-ins while using the PC? We all are surrounded by similar problems when working on a connected network base. There are a lot of gadgets that require to be ...
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Connectivity through web relay and USB relay controller
It’s the era of internet! Almost everyone is obsessed with web based services. The bookings for tickets, movies, trips and travels are all made through web base portals that make our task easier. With the population going crazy over the internet based user ...
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