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Preparing Vehicles and Drivers for Hot Weather Conditions
People in the haulage industry are well aware of the physical demands those who drive HGVs for a living undergo. They endure long hours spent sitting behind the wheel, few chances to pull over and stretch their legs and strained eyes from focusing intently on ...
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Connected Camera Solutions Improve Visibility for Fleet Vehicles
There is no denying that fleet managing can be a tricky job at times. There’s a constant pressure to make sure everything is delivered where it needs to be and in good time. But the worst case scenarios (that one must consider) involve accidents, and ...
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More Education Needed to Promote Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Despite the Government encouraging drivers to switch over to alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), sales of new diesel vehicles are steadily falling. While there has been a rise in sales of AFVs, the baseline was so low that these increases count for little ...
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LoCity: An Initiative to Help Commercial Vehicles Lower Emissions
With the imminent implementation of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone in 2020, the transport industry has been given a helping hand in the form of Transport for London’s collaborative LoCity programme. The impact of air pollution and traffic ...
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Opex Limousine Las Vegas Has The Largest Fleet Of Vehicles To Meet Different Transportation Needs
(March 14, 2018) – For individuals looking for a Party and Wedding Transport service, it is highly important to consider whether the service provider has a huge fleet of vehicles, such that they can choose the vehicle that fits not just their needs, ...
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Star Station Lax Smog Provides Smog Check Inspections For Certifying Vehicles
Los Angeles, California (March 26, 2018) –California has a beautiful natural landscape enjoyed by its residents. But the majority of the natural marvels and importance can be bargained as a result of contamination caused by over excessive automobile ...
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Electric Vehicles: Watch this Space in 2018
Thanks to the UK Government's commitment to improving infrastructure for electric vehicles and their pledge to ban the sale of new petrol diesel cars and vans by 2040, the spotlight on the issue has never been hotter than in 2018. While the advent of new and ...
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Forever Sharp Steering Wheels Launches Line of Aftermarket Steering Wheels for Most Vehicles
Forever Sharp Steering Wheels ( ) has launched a new line of aftermarket steering wheels available for most vehicles. Vehicle owners who wish to have a unique steering wheel can consider the options available at the FS Steering ...
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3 Courier Vehicles That Can’t Be Bested
If you’re a self employed courier driver, a van is the single most important business investment you’ll make. Such an important decision requires research, which will ensure that the vehicle you buy is best suited to the specific types of ...
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Government Subsidy to Encourage Low Emission Vehicles in UK
I come bearing great news for both hauliers and mother earth this month: the UK government has announced that they will subsidise funding for low emission vehicles. Better yet, this policy now includes HGVs. That’s right, you could finally be driving ...
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Grow Your Courier Business Without Buying New Vehicles
Many small business owners will be familiar with the desire to grow their business without having to commit to the serious expense and responsibility of new staff and equipment. Today I’m looking at sub-contracting as a solution; how it can enable ...
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Vehicles with Va Va Voom: Livery, Sign Writing and Wrapping
For those in the haulage industry whose livelihood lies out on the open road, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of marketing your business is right there in front of your nose. Investing in well-designed truck livery gets your brand out there in ...
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A Cool Change for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
One of the primary concerns of self-employed couriers and transport managers is keeping the flow of courier jobs coming in. Promotion through marketing and networking, membership to a transport exchange platform and word of mouth are the primary ways of ...
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All-Electric Delivery Vehicles to Hit UK Roads Next March
In the haulage industry, it is important that we all take steps to go green. Due to the nature of the profession, drivers are on the roads more than your average motorist and, therefore, it is the responsibility of operators to reduce their environmental ...
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Fosjoas Smart Electric Scooters Pave the Way for Peaceful Coexistence among People, Vehicles, Environment and City
Big cities share the same problem: too many people and vehicles on road, which causes congested traffic, low travel efficiency and traffic accident. However, Fosjoas intelligent electric scooters are able to comb the relationship among people, vehicles and ...
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