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Package Precautions: Ensuring a Safe Delivery Every Time
In this article we are going to recap a handful of simple safety instructions for courier drivers. Whether you are new to courier work or an experienced old hand, it’s never a bad idea to remind yourself of the easy actions you can take before, ...
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Optimise your Supply Chain: Understanding Last Mile Delivery
“Last mile delivery” refers to the movement of goods from a transportation centre to their ultimate destination and, every day, thousands of courier jobs across the country form part of this process. Why is Last Mile Important? The ...
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Mageworx Is Developing Delivery Date Extension for Magento 2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Minneapolis, MN (June 27, 2018) – Magento was introduced as an open-source e-commerce platform by Varien Inc. It was launched with a view to empowering thousands of brands and retailers with the best eCommerce platform and also ...
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Watch This Space: Amazon’s Latest Delivery Initiatives
It’s no secret Amazon has one of the most efficient and well-monitored delivery services in the world. The company carries out courier jobswith military efficiency, as they constantly strive to improve their deliveries and offer shoppers a convenient ...
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A Delivery a Courier Driver Should Never Have to Make
As a courier driver, there are many things you would expect to deliver throughout your career: small packages, large parcels, letters, maybe even the odd strange item (I’ve heard someone once had to deliver a banana that had been sent through the Royal ...
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Why Choose a Battery Electric Delivery Van
There’s been a lot of talk about electric vehicles lately and their benefits to the environment. If you work in the delivery industry, though, I’m sure you want to know whether these ultra-low emission vans are suitable for your purpose. I ...
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Beebeecraft: A Renowned Jewelry Making Supplies Store with Global Delivery and Brand Products
People who love jewelry making are sure to start great on their craft work by choosing Beebeecraft. It offers the best and highest quality of jewelry making supplies online. It proves to be one of the best when it comes to making and delivering supplies that ...
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Announcing Dylyver ICO: Blockchain-Enhanced Rideshare & Package Delivery
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (May 04, 2018) - Peer-to-peer rideshare and package delivery services are becoming more mainstream. However, trust, safety, security and availability outside larger cities are critical issues hampering market growth. Dylyver has ...
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Courier Work Through the Centuries: 4 Delivery Methods
In a world of next-day deliveries, precise to-the-hour delivery slots and live parcel tracking, it’s hard to imagine courier work in some of its more rustic forms. But before we had the help of modern technology and transport, humans had many ingenious ...
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Experts Seek Solicitors & Law Firms For Confirmed Conveyancing Case Delivery Solution
The Conveyancing Network is looking to recruit more solicitors, conveyancers and law firms.The company offers a perfect solution for any conveyancing firm looking to increase their business and caseload. The confirmed conveyancing case conversion service ...
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Sandwich Platter Delivery Offers The Most Delicious Sandwiches At The Right Price In The UK
Richmond, London (April 03, 2018) – Freshly baked sandwiches are the hot favourites for many people in the United Kingdom. For those planning for a party meeting at their office or home, they can get the freshly prepared office lunch delivered to their ...
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The Top 5 Bugbears in Delivery Work
Those dedicated to delivery work know the roads of this country like the back of their hands, yet are often complained about by other road users. However, this is not always fair. To redress the imbalance, let’s discuss the five most irritating habits ...
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DylyverOffers Cutting Edge Advanced Solutions for Social Ride Sharing and Package Delivery Needs
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dylyver is a unique technology corporation dedicated to developing cutting edge innovative logistics and transportation solutions with the help of highly advanced and contemporary mobile technologies. The scope of Dylyver mainly ...
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Some Weird and Wonderful Tales of Courier Delivery
Courier work can throw up some interesting situations, with drivers often finding themselves called upon to deliver weird and wonderful objects to a range of different destinations. But can you imagine arriving to pick up a medical item, only to find that it ...
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Online Piercing Shop Announces Improved UK and Ireland Delivery Options
Reputable online piercing store Piercing Mania have announced new shipping options that allow their eager customers to receive their items in double-quick time. As a beloved retailer of a wide range of body jewellery and accessories, there’s no doubt ...
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