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Why you Should have an Electrician Conduct a Home Energy Audit
There are all good reasons why every homeowner should have a home energy audit. The purpose of such an audit is to check the consumption of power in the home such that you are able to identify areas where power is not being used efficiently or is wasted. Once ...
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Posted by Nora Gwilt in Home Improvement, Energy Efficiency
Reasons to Conduct a Home Insurance Personal Property Inventory
It’s a sickening thought, but there is a real possibility your home could be struck by tragedy at any moment. Homes burn down, flood, suffer damage by tornados or are otherwise damaged on a regular basis. And when a home is damaged the things inside ...
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Posted by Sam Jones in Insurance, Home Insurance
Be a Book Reviewer with a Code of Conduct
When you decide to be a book reviewer you need to realize how important what you are doing is. Once you realize how important your job is you will realize that you need a code of conduct (COC) for book reviewing. A COC not only keeps you honest, but protects ...
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Posted by Mark Canvassa in Art & Entertainment, Literature