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The three big style for academic writing
As a student, representation of your academic writing is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful academic paper that is sure to fetch good response towards it. It is very important to understand how you will represent the information and ...
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Posted by Sourabrata Das in Writing, Article Writing
How to use internet correctly to collect data for an essay
We all are familiar with the trend of internet in our lives, practically speaking internet have become a daily used tool that is more essential than a luxury these days. You are even reading this article online. The thing named internet have changed our lives ...
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Posted by Sourabrata Das in Education, College and University
5 ways that will make your article irresistible
Why is there a whole post on how to write an article? Don’t we already know how to do that? Of course we do know how to write articles; what this post is about, is how to write articles better. Writing an article is a tricky business unlike it ...
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Everything you Need to Know about the Four Kinds of Essays
Understanding the obsession of professors with essays is trying to capture the photo of a lightening – it’s next to impossible. I mean, what is with all the assignments of penning down essays on endless topics? And on the top of that, after ...
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Posted by Sourabrata Das in Writing, Technical Writing