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Makeup 1900s.
During the first ten years of the 1900s, only about 20% of American females every used makeup. It just was not the thing to do for most women during those decades. Yet a surge began after 1910, and between 1910 and 1929, 70% of American females had makeup in ...
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Posted by Brian White in Beauty, Cosmetics
Black Lipstick.
One of the most popular accessories that most women use every day as part of their makeup kit is the lipstick. The use of this cosmetic has been popularized by the movie industry and the cosmetic industry itself. Lipsticks come in various shades and sizes, ...
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Posted by Brian White in Beauty, Cosmetics
Hublot Luxury Watch.
This is a Swiss luxury watchmaker. It was founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco. Today this company is a wholly owned subsidiary of LVMH, France. The founder of the company is a scion of the Italian Binda Group dynasty. He left this company in 1976 in order to ...
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Posted by Brian White in Advertising, Branding
Create Fiction.
Writers burn up tons of creative fuel developing story lines and creating range of invention with evocative sentences. Maybe that is what writing should be all about. However fiction writers have an additional responsibility. Fiction writers are required to ...
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Posted by Brian White in Computers, Information Technology
Schrade SCHKM1 Machete.
This is a truly professional grade machete. The craftsmanship is awesome, and it has a slip resistant handle, black coating designed to resist glare and reflection, and offers the owner a blade that really is razor sharp. This machete is an excellent tool as ...
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Posted by Brian White in Advertising, Branding
Survival Uses.
When doing tent repair, open up the tent at the campsite and examine it completely for those little tears. It really is no problem if you have brought your duct tape with you. Then just cover the holes with patches of the size needed. Also for double ...
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Posted by Brian White in Advertising, Branding
Rebuilding The Body’s Cells.
Vitamin E is a subject that entire books can be written about. In my opinion it is also one of the most commercialized vitamins in the history of supplemental nutrition, and there is plenty of shame to go around. I cannot write a book for you today, but what ...
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Posted by Brian White in Health, Supplements and Vitamins
St. Augustine, Florida.
The Ancient city of St. Augustine gets the distinction as being the oldest European settlement in america. It was established by the Spanish because they ventured north from their exploration and conquistador actions in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the ...
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Posted by Brian White in Travel, Travel and Leisure
Fiction Editing.
Whilst every genre takes a particular, focused editorial expertise, a particular note has to be made about fiction editing. Fiction editing requires a totally different group of skills than your solid foundation of English language expertise. Editing fiction ...
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Posted by Brian White in Computers, Information Technology
Rugged Raisin Bread.
Bread that is made with raisins in it, and usually has been enhanced with cinnamon, is commonly called Raisin Bread. Most of the time white flour is used to make such bread, but variations often exist. Whole wheat flours are used, and often times oat flour ...
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Posted by Brian White in Food and Beverage, Recipes