Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Wood Plastic Composite

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Zhejiang, China (May 01, 2019) – One of the most innovative materials in the construction scene that is making heads turn is wood plastic composite (WPC) which is a hybrid material consolidating the characteristics of wood and the ease of workability of plastic. Sawdust, mash, bamboo, nut structures, and unused carpentry materials, like bark, from an assortment of projects, are combined with plastic powder to shape WPC. The most noteworthy feature of WPC is that it can be created altogether from reused materials gathered from C&D operations, wood product production facilities, and others. Moreover, used WPC can even be recycled to make new WPC, making it a definitive recyclable product. Since wood plastic composite is made from a substance that starts as a paste, it can be molded to practically any shape and size, including curved or twisted shapes. This innate adaptability stretches out to color as well and WPC can be hued or colored to suit practically any design scheme. One of the leading manufacturing companies of wood plastic composite in China is Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd which has been producing and selling WPC all over the world since 2003.

Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd manufactures Co-Extrusion Decking, WPC DIY Tile, WPC Outdoor Decking, WPC Pergola Pavilion, and various other WPC items. The company uses recycled wood fiber and plastic in order to create decking material for outdoor deco construction. It is completely environmental friendly with FSC certified, CE and ASTM D tested. Products manufactured by Meidian are widely used in government/civil ventures, public works, and private houses worldwide. The workshop, warehouse, and building of Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd are spread across over 25k square meters and are one of the largest in Zhejiang. The company has over 16 years of experienced technology, well-organized quality management system ISO9001:2008 and environmental management system of GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004 in place. The quality check department and research group of Meidian has strict management policies in order to ensure standard operations and items meet requirements.

Wood plastic composite can be easily maintained as it has strong resistance against weather conditions and its wood/plastic mixture features make it unappealing to bugs, high water resistant and can also be cleaned easily. WPC is also slip resistant and highly durable making it a useful asset in the construction industry. Though WPC is costly compared to other construction materials it has a longer life span making it the perfect choice for outdoor fencing and wall cladding. The number of advantages of utilizing WPC far outweighs its disadvantages making it one of the most sought after construction material. Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd has been a pioneer in WPC manufacturing all over the world for their quality products that far exceeds the industry standards.
The official website of Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd contains all detailed information about the company and their range of WPC items. Individuals can have a factory tour of the company or check out the installations done by them by visiting this one of a kind website.

About Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd is one of the leading producers of WPC in China and manufactures and sells WPC decking, WPC railing, deep embossed decking, WPC pergola pavilion, and other WPC items worldwide.

Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd
Address: No.3636, Shushan Road, Wuxing District,
Huzhou, Zhejiang, China, 313000
Tel: 0086-572-2260286
Fax: 0086-572-2260799


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Chinese wood plastic composite manufacturing company Zhejiang Meidian New Material Co., Ltd has been producing and selling co-extrusion decking, WPC fence, WPC railing, WPC DIY tile, and other WPC items worldwide since 2003 click the link for more info Embossed Decking


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