Your Guide to the Best Medical Uses of Cannabis

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Let’s face it. Cannabis may not be a panacea or maybe a miracle herb, but there’s no doubt that the plant is most likely one from the most important natural medicines in human history.

Because of the way compounds in the cannabis engage cells inside the physique, this ancient herb is exceptional in its capability to have an effect on such a wide array of health circumstances.

What follows is often a long list of 71 in the most promising medical uses of cannabis (in alphabetical order).

Be advised that this list is far from extensive.

However, because of congressional and administrative research restrictions, much in the scientific literature on cannabis comes from low-quality rodent and cell culture analysis.

Yet, the couple of tiny human trials that do exist are practically nothing short of incredible.

And also you get a lot more remarkable insights when you speak towards the medical specialists and clinicians that are using cannabis in their practice -- and having superb results.

For deeper insights from the frontlines of medical cannabis, you'll be able to discover numerous video links under for particular health situations.

1. Acne

A study published in 2014 discovered that an isolated cannabis compound, cannabidiol (CBD), exhibited effects that could suppress the inflammation and oil production connected with acne.

The study was performed using human sebocytes, that are particular skin cells that create oil in the skin.

2. Addiction

Cannabis and cannabis-derived medicines could be helpful within the treatment of addiction and as a replacement for addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

Not only does cannabis possess a decrease margin of danger than a lot of habit-forming substances, but animal analysis suggests that CBD might hinder drug-seeking behavior in rodent models of addiction.

WATCH: Treating Substance Dependence with Cannabis

3. Aging

Emerging preclinical study suggests that when chronic cannabis consumption might have unfavorable wellness impacts on healthful adolescents and young children, the herb may be far more effective to individuals as they age.

Early laboratory research suggests that while cannabis is associated with bone weakening in young organisms, the herb is correlated having a constructive impact on bone health in older organisms.

Similarly, rodent research conducted by the University of Bonn plus the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have found that low-dose treatment with cannabis compounds reversed aging in the brain.

4. Alzheimer’s Disease

Investigation published online inside the journal Aging and Mechanisms of Illness in June of 2016 identified that an isolated cannabis compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) lowered both inflammation and also the presence of amyloid plaques in human cells cultivated inside the laboratory.

Amyloid plaques are excess protein deposits within the brain and are also some of the key markers for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Earlier study has identified a related link, displaying that cannabis improves the removal of amyloid plaques.

5. Anorexia nervosa

Formal investigation on cannabis for anorexia is lacking. Nevertheless, early evidence suggests that the endocannabinoid system, one with the biggest neurotransmitter networks in the physique, is imbalanced in those with anorexia nervosa.

The endocannabinoid system would be the primary target for cannabis compounds. Whilst other plants may well interact with this system, cannabis is thought to possess a few of by far the most profound effects on endocannabinoid health.

Hence, anorexia nervosa and other eating problems may very well be a number of the several medical uses of cannabis.
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