With The Best Independent Producers Macdonald Productions Is Helping Out Environmentalists

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Santa Monica, California (May 14, 2019) – Most environmental enthusiasts know that the preservation of marine life is something important these days. To create awareness among people on the same, some of them are showing interest in creating a documentary that showcases the importance of marine life. For creating such videos, the best thing they can do is to get help from independent producers. They can get such help from Macdonald Productions.
This company was founded by the independent filmmaker Bill Macdonald, who is also a diver and videographer. Bill along with his wife Susan, who is also a still photographer, diver and researcher has established this independent filmmaking enterprise and they have created many educational videos that insist on the importance of safeguarding marine life due to their diving and videography experience.
In the independent film industry, Macdonald Productions has earned a great reputation and this is because of the excellent contributions made by this couple and the team working with them. The company is known for their videos like “Whales Die, Zombie Dance”, “The World Ocean ‘Trashed” to name a few. They have created videos of different lengths for their clients.

In addition to Independent Documentary Film Production related to the underwater world, the company has also created promotional videos for brands to achieve the popularity they expect to achieve through the eye-catching motion pictures. Bill Macdonald has worked on different projects as Independent Producer of Televised Documentaries and is continuing to serve the industry.

This independent producer has the best experience and expertise not just in production, but also in editing and in capturing stock footage. As the company has clearly stated the pricing for their videos, prospective customers can get a clear idea of what they will have to pay for the videos they get from this company.

Macdonald Productions has the expertise in documentary theatrical films Production and in television documentary production as well.

About Macdonald Productions:

Macdonald Productions is mainly a documentary films production company and they also work on a project that requires the expertise and experience of an independent film producer. For those looking for studio and independent producers, they can get help from Macdonald Productions with the confidence to get the video they expect.

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Bill Macdonald Productions
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Santa Monica, California 90409
Phone - 310-866-3683
Fax - 310-452-1701
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For environmental enthusiasts interested in making some contributions to the environment, they can consider getting help from independent producers at Macdonald Productions.


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