With Dr. Mohamed Rela Liver Transplantation in India is Transplanting Lives

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Liver transplant is a surgical treatment in which the diseased liver is replaced with a part of healthy liver retrieved from a donor. This procedure is performed to replace the diseased, damaged or non-functional liver in the affected person. The importance of the liver inside the human body cannot be underestimated because it helps with digestion and detoxing. In the liver transplant surgical operation, the diseased or damaged liver is removed and changed with a healthy liver obtained from a donor. Every so often, only a part of the liver is inserted, which grows into a full liver by means of itself within the coming months.

Liver transplant specialist offering collaborative care in India
India has lately emerged as one of the most advanced centres for liver transplant surgeries. The medical centres are a whole lot superior and the surgeons are well certified and skilled. Liver transplant in India is obtainable by a number of the globally renowned hospitals. The most hospitals for liver transplant in India house some of the most skilled surgeons within the world. It is crucial for end-stage liver diseases patients to be seeking and go through treatment under the guidance of a highly skilled surgeon. Finding a skilled surgeon for liver transplant in India is not that difficult as the hospitals in the country pay special attention to recruiting surgeons who are qualified some of the best medical institutions in the world. When opting for a liver transplant surgery in India, patients have advised a living donor transplant instead of a cadaveric liver transplant, as the former is more practical for foreign travelling overseas.

Liver transplant in India: Cheapest cost, great medical services
Liver transplant in India is a much cost-effective option for patients who find it difficult to afford one in their home country, as well as a respite to people who do not want to be added to long waiting list or patients who do not find advanced treatment facilities in their home countries. For patients wondering what the cost of liver transplant in India is, it is important to know that the cost is one of the lowest in the world. India has carved a name for itself for accomplishing all kinds of organ transplantation strategies with extremely good care and at an affordable price, and liver transplantation process in India is no different. The cost of liver transplant in India is extremely less in comparison to the Western countries, including the UK, the UAE, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the US.

Dr Mohamed Rela offers innovative care to expand transplant opportunities
Dr Mohamed Rela top liver transplant surgeon India is among the most experienced in India who have a strong foundation of excellence in liver transplants. Over the past 30 years, he has performed more than 6,000 transplants for infants, children and adults. Patients come to him from across the world because he has a reputation for taking on rare, complex cases that other surgeons decline to treat. He not only specializes in the latest surgical techniques available today, but he also helped develop them. His care isn't one-size-fits-all. He provides highly personalized patient care, with teams to meet all your needs and all aspects of care. Best liver surgeon India also offers support groups for patients before and after transplant.

Getting Started for Dr Mohamed Rela Contact Information India, to find out more about liver transplantation or to schedule an appointment with an affiliated surgeon please call +91 – 9371136499 or mail on click here for more information:
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Getting Started for Dr Mohamed Rela Contact Information India, to find out more about liver transplantation or to schedule an appointment with an affiliated surgeon, 

please call +91 – 9371136499

mail on

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