Why Your Cats Like To Groom Each Other

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Cats are one of kind creatures. Their obsession with cleanliness is despicable and they are said to be the cleanest animals on the planet, even though they are hydrophobic. The cats also have a certain scent that adds to their grooming. Cats spend about 10% of their time grooming themselves, why many getting worried about why cats groom each other. The extensive desire to remain super-clean goes even beyond the cats sharing homes and this may be the reason as to why cats like grooming each other.

Grooming basics

Cats have some characteristic features that help them in the grooming tasks. One of such features is the tongue. Their tongue is embodied with tiny hook like ridges known as papillae as well as it being agile and muscular. Their tongue is made of the same components that are used to make the nails strong- keratin- and they use the tongue to brush through their coats. They also lick and bite their coat to get rid of any foreign material or debris as well as removing any parasites from their body coat.

The cats are also gifted with a strong sense to detecting areas that need more grooming. They can spend long periods attending to a specific area- they have the ability to know that a certain region needs more attention. They also tend to groom their body following a certain cycle each day to make sure that they remain in top condition.

Grooming others

Cats in the wild donít necessarily stay in groups, but come together during the mating seasons. It is during these seasons that they start developing cliques of two to three cats that live near each other. If you have three or more cats in your household, you may have discovered that they may or may not spend time together.

An alliance formed by cats most of the time involves grooming. Having the cats forming alliances is a good sign and it means that the cats are living with each other amicably and are fully safe and secure in the home you have provided. The grooming of cats doesnít follow the sexual nature as male cats can groom their male counterparts and also the female.

However, it is not guaranteed that cats living together will always groom each other. For example in my house I have four cats- one of the female cat loves to groom the male regularly, the other male loves to groom the sister occasionally, but the its rare for me to see the two male grooming each other.


Finally there is one significant reason as to why cats groom each other- it is easy and convenient for one cat to groom the other cat in an awkward position that seems difficult to reach. If the cats in a given household establish a strong bond, they can aid each other in helping out to take care of these awkward positions and ensure that their cleanliness and that of their coats remains top- notch.
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