Why are Lesbians the Most Likely to be Biased Against Bi Women?

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Although both bisexuality and lesbian belong to the LGBT organization, But obviously, they have a lot of contradictions and opposites. Many times, lesbian and LGBT people do not welcome bisexuality, and even have a lot of discrimination. They think that bisexuality does not belong to their organization. Even many people think that bisexuality does not exist. This makes bisexual friends feel very angry. And the bi community still faces a lot of challenges.

"I am a bi female and one of the hardest parts of being bisexual is feeling rejected by lesbians and LGBT People."

1.They think Bisexuality does not exist.

This question, I believe that many people are reluctant to discuss it again. Bisexual existence is a fact, there is no need to blink. Especially they think there is no people will be attracted by two genders at the same time.

2.They think Bisexuality is a liar.

Many lesbian friends date bisexual, when bisexual date a man, they think that bisexuality is a liar, deceiving their feelings. They think it is impossible to fall in love with two people at the same time. One of the most prevalent, is that when a bi woman's in a relationship with a guy, she's no longer bisexual.

3.They think Bisexuality is not be taken seriously.

The trends that I've observed over my lifetime have been extremely encouraging and I only see those continuing. I think it’ll be important for people to continue coming out and sharing your stories. As a bisexual, we will be taken more seriously in the future.

Sadly, there are still so many myths and misconceptions surrounding bisexuality. Not only the lesbian and LGBT organizations, straight is the same discrimination and does not understand bisexual. But still need to continue to come out and get more support.
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