Which air purifier is the best for better health?

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The best air purifier for you is what your health demands and what your indoor air quality determines. The air purifier should be in accordance with any health issues bothering or that complies with the characteristics of the indoor air pollutants. Each air purifier is unique in action and selective in removing the various pollutants, you must get an air purifier that is able to remove the bothering type and all the other common pollutants from the air around you. Other factors like the room coverage, control types and presence or absence of ionizers and other features also matter in deciding which air purifier is best for you.
• Indoor air quality is the primary deciding factor. Have a check on your indoor air quality and see what the major pollutants inside the home are. Decide on the air purifier according to the concentration of the dust, chemicals, or the other pollutants. The quality of the indoor air is directly related to the quality of your health.
• Health issues: If you suffer from any kind of allergies or asthma, the best air purifier choice would be the one intended for the asthma and allergy. Such air purifiers have special air filters to remove the allergens of all kinds, physical or chemical from the air to make the indoor air healthier.
• Air filters comes next in helping you decide the best air purifier for you. The air filters is the deciding part in eliminating the air pollutants. Not all air pollutants can remove all the pollutants. It depends on the type and make of the air filters inside. The air filters are different in being HEPA filters that can remove even the minutest of the pollutants physically, but not the chemicals ones. Activated carbon removes all kinds of odors and chemicals from the air. UV filters use UV rays to kill the germs but not as effective in removing physical particles, and the basic air filter that removes the common dust, pollens, and mold.
• Area coverage is essential while choosing the size of the air purifier. If you want a wider coverage choose a bigger air purifier that has better reach of more square foot area. That ultimately depends on the internal fan used inside the air purifier. Check the CFM value and the coverage of the air purifier to see if it is equivalent of higher than the total sq area of your room.
• Personal choice: The air purifier is ultimately a personal choice. Choose according to your needs, budget, and interest. Some people like to have a particular brand of air purifier, while others need it just to clean the air. There are many who use the air purifier to remove the odor from pets or kitchen and others just need it to have a cleaner environment. The choice is personal but one must do an extensive research and should be careful while purchasing. Always compare the air purifier brands to each other and then decide.
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