Where to Road Trip in Scenic South America

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Put your seatbelts on as I take you through three of the most scenic road trips in South America.

Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca

Avoid the tourist hoards crammed into tour buses and make the drive yourself from Cusco to Machu Picchu. Spend a few days exploring the World Heritage Site Cusco, before driving through the Sacred Valley towards the Inca site of Machu Picchu. There are so many fascinating towns and villages on the way, and you can really appreciate the stunning views when you are driving yourself.

When you head back to Cusco, make sure to check out the ruins of Choquequirao; they are often missed out by tourists. Next, this route will take you south-east towards Puno and Lake Titicaca where you should definitely take a boat trip on the lake and spend time learning about the local culture.

Ruta 40, Argentina

If you are looking for a leisurely road trip that will have you travelling for at least a few weeks, look no further than Ruta 40. Ruta 40 is Argentina’s longest road, reaching all the way from the northern province of Jujuy to Patagonia. You’ll drive across the altiplano, into wine country – make sure to test the local produce – and past the Andes.

Chos Malal is an early highlight of this route. It is a delightful town with absolutely stunning landscape all around. Relax in the thermal springs at nearby Copahue before heading off again.

The Costa Verde

The Costa Verde, or Green Coast, is the stretch of coastline between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Though called the green coast, there is actually a great variety of landscape to enjoy on this route, including gorgeous beaches and vibrant jungle. A favourite part of this trip is exploring the charming cobbled streets of Paraty, followed by taking a boat trip from the town to visit some of the beautiful islands nearby.

As you are driving, there are plenty of chances to detour and explore further. Don’t forget to spend a day or two enjoying the beaches and catching the waves. Ubatuba is especially well-known for its surf so check out Ubatumirim Beach for a little time on the board. End your drive at the town of Guarujá. This beach town is very popular with São Paulo residents at the weekends, so it is the perfect place to celebrate the end of your trip.

Before You Go: Car Rental Excess Insurance

Before you hit the road, make sure you are properly insured with car rental excess insurance. It is a necessity as it covers you in case of damage to the vehicle. The hire company will often charge you whether it was your fault or not, so you need to be insured. Car rental excess insurance frequently also covers any possessions inside the vehicle in case of theft – better safe than sorry.

With that sorted, all you have to do is remember your driving gloves and sunscreen – a South American adventure awaits!
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