Where to Find Loose Beads for Jewelry

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Bead working and jewelry making are popular hobbies for jewelry enthusiasts and a great business venture for the artisans. Whether or not you intend to sell your creations, you may be interested to know what places you can go to find inexpensive, loose beads for your crafting needs. There is a tremendous variety of materials from which beads can be produced, and there is also a range of sizes at which these loose beads can be made available. You can easily find the smallest seed beads or the chunkiest pendant with diameter size of 1” or more. The question now is: “where should you go to find these loose beads?” Here is the list.

Beading Websites on the Internet

Lots of information about beading and jewelry crafting are available on these websites, including loose beads and gemstones. The beads will be in various materials, sizes, shapes, and textures at prices that are very reasonable. Online bead stores offer wholesale prices even for semi precious and precious gemstones. In some online shops, you might find that prices of loose beads are not cheap. This means that the quality of the items is high and matches their asking prices.

Local Bead Stores

If you purchase your loose beads online, you might be asked to pay for shipping and handling charges. However, if you do not want to do this, one option is to find some bead shops in your locality through the Yellow Pages or the internet. You must be aware, though, that these bead shops price their loose beads higher than the online stores. It is because the stores get their supplies from the online wholesalers, where they are offered discounted prices. However, shopping locally and physically provides the benefit of allowing you to see, touch and feel the beads before you make a purchase.

Bead Shows

You can see the schedule of bead shows coming to your area through the community local events list. You can also make a Google search for “bead shows”, and put in the year and your location to have a trimmed result. Bead shows generally feature supplies for making beaded jewelry including loose beads, beads in strands or in bins, findings, tools, spacers, gemstones, and so many more.

Craft Fairs and Festivals

You will find it great to visit these events. You can personally interact with the vendors of various wares. These festivals and fairs are special occasions for artisans as there are loose beads and gemstones sold at very low prices. Many items may have been used before they are put up for sale, but more of these beads are brand new and come direct from the manufacturers. You just need to look around to find these items.

So, there they are. The places worth visiting if you are in need of loose beads for your project. Whether you need them to create various pieces or decorate a vase or picture frame, beads have become and will continue to become a part of the tradition that is as ancient as the art itself.
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