Where’s Waldo? The Top Spots for a Family Holiday

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Anyone planning a holiday escape for a large family is expected to strike a fine balance between a finding a quality destination with entertainment for both children and adults and an affordable price, which often seems impossible. If you are struggling, we can help with this list of fantastic budget-friendly destinations for an unforgettable family holiday.

Walt Disney World, Orlando

What better place to find pure entertainment for young and old? Hackle-raising rides, eye-goggling shows, adrenaline-rising challenges and a lot more are offered to visitors when they enter Walt Disney World. You can even choose between two family resorts nearby. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is situated at the coast and is entirely seaside-themed. Beach lounges, martinis with umbrella straws, life-size shipwrecks and one-eyed pirates are only highlights of the Disney sea world of leisure and adventure. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, as its name suggests, is located further inland among peaceful deer-inhabited woods. Family adventures here include archery, hiking and canoeing.


Endless sun, warm friendly ambiance, Hellenic ruins, a traditional feel and dazzling hotels can be found throughout Cyprus. Hotel complexes usually maintain sizeable waterparks which your children will love to explore while you are lying in the sun blissfully catching tan. As you go in town for a refreshing stroll to catch the evening breeze, you will pass by numerous scenic remains from Ancient Greek times, which assume a romantic reddish hue in the setting sun.


Ancient tradition combined with all mod cons characterise any holiday to Bulgaria. If you are a fan of luxurious SPA hotels with swimming pools and entertainment facilities for children, all at perfectly affordable prices, the resorts of Sunny Beach or Golden Sands are exactly for you. Stretch your legs on a visit to Sunny Beach’s nearby town of Nessebar and you feel as if you have made a leap into a charmingly preserved past with traditional Bulgarian houses, ancient fortifications and Byzantine temples.


The ultimate family winter holiday, a visit to Lapland in Finland is likely to leave the kids screaming with delight. On return they will be able to boast to their friends that they have met Santa Claus, helped elves in the making of presents and ridden a real deer-driven sleigh. Lapland for parents is equally fascinating. Hiking, driving a snowmobile or observing the Northern Lights are among the attractions many attractions that can appeal to older guests.

Before You Go

No family holiday, however, begins without a fair amount of preparation which can be stressful. Arriving at a new destination with your boisterous brood could also be a source of anxiety. A good way to alleviate all the stress is to invest in a family travel insurance policy. This way you can be sure that your loved ones are protected under all circumstances so that you can enjoy your family holiday to the full.
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