What kind of birthstone bracelet for your grandmother, here have some suggestion

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You might want to make a list of all the different birthstones that you need. Of course, you can have these kind of pieces custom made. At the same time, you might want to really experiment and play around with the idea of just going with a multi-gemstone piece. This is something thatis already in existence, you just have to find it. You also want to pay attention to make sure that there aren't any stones that don't relate to family members because then it's not really this kind of family bracelet. However, this will give you more of an elegant look. It will be a different setting than most of the typical bracelets and it can save you a lot of money.

You will want to consider the cost and how well the stones go together before making your final choice. If the respective gems are very expensive then you may want to consider reducing the cost by using alternative gems in the same colors. For example using green or blue stones for emeralds or sapphires and using zirconium for diamonds. You could also use silver rather than gold and use smaller stones. Remember that the gift is symbolic and does not need to be expensive.

As well as pendants and bracelets there are many other items of jewelry that can have birthstones added. Bracelets are especially popular because stones can be added as a family grows. Pendants can also be used but tend to be harder to customize with birthstones. Other items of jewelry such as rings, earrings and the like are much more difficult. However, you could give matching earrings along with the bracelet or pendant.

Another option is to just really experiment and have a lot of fun with multicolored bracelets. For instance, you might be able to find a multi-sapphire or even a multi-diamond piece. This will be quite expensive and could be the purchase of a lifetime. Plus the colors will represent every single person's month in them. Often times these kind of bracelets use smaller stones that are kind of invisibly set so that it just blends from one color to another in a graduated rainbow. This can be very elegant and very fun and it can truly be a piece that your grandmother will treasure. offer many different style birthstone bracelet( for your choice, here you will find many you need style jewelry.
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