What Are The Things To Know About A Steel Drum

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A steel drum or a barrel is a container that is manufactured keeping in mind the variety of industrial purposes such an object may serve. It is a cylindrical container that is designed to contain various kinds of liquids with varying viscosity and chemical properties to be utilized by the user. The utility of such an object is generally to safely store and transport liquid objects for industrial use without causing spillage and potential loss of property. Usually, the items that are stored in such containers are dangerous chemicals with high corrosive properties and therefore require the manufacturer to comply with safety standards and regulations in manufacturing such drums with a specified rating for specific descriptions. This is mainly done to avoid catastrophic failure that may potentially cause harm to everyone and everything in the vicinity.

Manufacturing Of A Steel Drum

Generally, the drums manufactured are made with either carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the purpose of the container. Carbon steel rolled in a medium thickness is mostly used in case of dealing with liquid materials that have mild or no corrosive properties and do not affect such metals in the process of transportation or storage. While in the case of heavy industrial chemicals transportation and warehousing, stainless steel is used to manufacture barrels that show high resistance to the corrosive properties of such materials. A corrosion resistant powder coating or paint job may also be applied to further add to the resistive properties of the drum in addition to using a thick sheet of steel. Such a process invariably raises the overall weight of the drum but at the same time offers much better protection.

Types Of Steel Drums

Two types of drums are generally manufactured for the use and storage of liquid goods and materials. Open headed steel drum offers an entirely removable lid that is either secured by a bolt ring or a lever locking closure creating a complete leak-free seal. Generally,in a bolt locking system, the cover is secured by a ring that is tightened to form a perfect seal with the help of a torque wrench. While in a lever locking system, the same method is applied but with a lever that holds the body of the barrel with the lid instead of a bolt which offers quick access to open the drum. The quantity rating usually ranges from a 55 gallon to a 110 gallon drum depending on the purpose.

The utility of such an item in the industry is limitless and is in high demand as well. Such drums are used everywhere as all industrial process,and even small-scale business requires the storage of viscous and dangerous liquid be it for manufacturing of for disposal. Therefore having a reliable steel drum that can withstand the abuse is essential for the business.
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The quantity rating usually ranges from a 55 gallon to a 110 gallon drum depending on the purpose.


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