What are the most important things that one should look for while buying a property?

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Most of us desire of buying our place where we can rest after a day of hard work. Be it a small flat or a luxury villa, buying a house is not an easy task as there is an endless list of aspects that are related to it. While buying a house, if you are unaware of the various fundamental points, the chances are high that you will end up with the wrong house. When you buy a property, you will come across an endless list of questions. So, the best idea for you is to prepare yourself with the entire list of questions before you even start looking for a property. This will make the whole task easier than ever. So, to make things easier for you, we have made a list of the most significant things that one should look for before they opt for a property.

Property buying guide

The size of the property

The price of a property is decided based on its size. A whenever a deal tells about the size of the property, it includes the super built area. But, when you are looking forward to buying the property, it is essential for you to know about the carpet area, built-up area as well as the super built area precisely. The built-up area consists of the balcony as well as the thickness of the wall. Whereas the super built area includes the common passage as well as the other spare spaces. So, it is essential that you a precise measurement of all the three areas precisely.

Land Acquisition verification

While buying an Uber Real Estate property, make sure that the land has been converted into a commercial area from a residential area legally with all the documents verified. In some cases, the developers get the area in an illegal procedure at a cheap rate which down the road invites legal issues.

Project completion date

When you are choosing a property and planning to invest in it, it is essential for you to confirm the completion date of the property. This will help you to plan for the accommodation process as well as for your financial plans. Moreover, when you get the date of completion of the project, you can charge the builder with penalties if he fails to adhere to it.

Approved bank for loans

While planning to buy a property, apart from the points as mentioned above, also ask the Uber Real Estate agent about the list of approved banks that can provide you with financial support for the property.

Buying a property can be a tedious task, but when it is planned and planned precisely, the process can get easier than ever.
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