What Are The Most Common Queries About Jiofi Setup

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JioFi is a highly popular sensation in today’s time. It has taken over the choices and preferences of most internet users. It is one of the best options available that shall allow you to take advantage of the 4G connection almost anywhere and everywhere. The JioFi settings are quite easy to use; however, a lot of it depends on how thorough you are with the features of it. It is a totally new option for web users today, and hence a little amount of research is needed. There are different types of questions that come up from the users of JioFi and listed below are some of the most common yet significant ones.

1. What Are The Ways To Accelerate Your Jiofi Wifi Range?

The JioFiWiFi range is generally low. However, you can accelerate the range of the Wi-Fi by adjusting the existing settings which entirely is safe to use.

• You will need to go to the settings tab
• You will then need to choose the W-fi menu
• After that, you will have to change the ‘802.11 Mode' to ‘2.4Ghz (N)'
• Change the Tx Power' to ‘High
• Proceed by changing the mode to manual
• However, you shall need to ensure that the Channel Selection is to eleven
• Then you can select an update option and apply.

2. How To Hide Jiofi SSID Or Wifi Name?

You can go to the settings tab, choose the Wi-Fi menu and simply change the SSID broadcast default value ‘Enable' to ‘Disable.’

3. How To Change Default SSID In Jiofi

In order to change default SSID in JioFi, you will need to visit the setting tab, select the Wifi menu and an SSID name beneath the ‘Wi-Fi Settings' shall be visible to you.

There are also queries like ways to make HD Voice/Video calls using JioFi, ways to Access JioFi Storage over Internet or WiFi, How to access SD Card descriptions and the list goes on. There is no hard and fast rule to get the answers if all questions at one go or are a pro at using the Jioifi.

A little bit of research from time to time is important. So you can go through the above-mentioned queries if you are a new user and Also change jiofi router settings in 192.168.l.l.

A large percentage of people are shifting to JioFi Wi-Fi these days as it is a much more advanced option than regular Wi-Fi. You get all the facilities and benefits in a single package from a single source at a limited price rate. It has many advanced and high-end features entailed that leverages several usage flexibilities and you can take advantage of all.

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