What Are The Common Reasons Behind Premature Ejaculation

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Just starting to gets things ready and suddenly it’s all wet down there. What is an embarrassment? Ask someone who’s suffering from premature ejaculation. Ejaculation is like the firing of a gun. It almost works the same way. Just like the firing of a gun, there are two steps involved in ejaculation. First, is called the Emission. It is the process in which the semen is loaded into prostate gland which is near to the penis. Then, the semen is forced out of the penis with an interval of 1sec apart. Just like a gun, isn’t it? But some man has this ejaculation early or very little which is no joy at all.

• What Is Ejaculation?

Well, most of you think that it's only the sperm that's coming out but no, it's not only sperm, but there are also much more ingredients involved. The liquid which comes out of your penis includes 10% liquid from the prostate, 10% sperm and 80% from seminal vesicles and moreover, it doesn't come out all at once.

• Diagnosis?

For treatment, the patient needs to give a sample of the semen for analysis, and if there is an absence of ejaculation, the patient needs to give a post-ejaculation urine sample to check the presence of sperm in the urine. If there's a presence of sperm in it, then the patient might be suffering from Retrograde Ejaculation.

• Kind Of Ejaculation Disorders.

Like everything else, there are different types of ejaculation, like,

• Premature Ejaculation

In average, a man lasts up to 7 minutes after penetrating, but in premature ejaculation, it often happens just after penetration. It happens due to lack of control over oneself or nerve hypersensitivity and is curable with certain types of therapy and can be controlled with certain types of technique while having sex.

• Retrograde Ejaculation

It happens when the semen goes into the bladder instead of coming out of the urethra during the time of ejaculation. There are certain types of reasons behind this. 30% of men who have diabetes suffer from Retrograde Ejaculation. Other reasons are the usage of drugs or due to surgery.

• Anejaculation

It is termed when there is an absence of ejaculation. This happens when the prostate glands and seminal glands fail to release semen. This may happen due to spinal cord injuries, an injury, infection or surgery in the pelvic area. Other factors such as stress, anxiety, drug abuse can also lead to Anejaculation. Buy Viagra to delay ejaculation.

When it comes to sexual problems, everyone feels hesitate to discuss. Don't bury any disease or problem. You should go and consult a doctor if you are feeling any discomfort. It isn't necessary for you to take medicine or undergo surgery. Often, meditation and exercise along with various therapies can help you out.
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