Wanda BOTO Tyre Offers a Range of Top Class Quality Professional Tires

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Shandong Wanda BOTO Tyre Co Ltd. is widely popular for its top class quality professional tires. Wanda BOTO Tyre is the first choice of the professional tire buyers because although the company is popular for its large production capacity, Wanda BOTO Tyre never compromises on its supreme quality and expert designs.

Shandong Wanda BOTO Tyre Co Ltd. is a leading subsidiary of China Wanda Group – one of the most trusted Industrial Groups in China. This is another reason why buyers purchase Wanda BOTO Tyre without any second thought.

Currently, Wanda BOTO Tyre offers 3 categories of tires, including Passenger Car Tyre, Truck and Bus Tyre, and Off the Road Tyre. Each CatID includes tires of several variations that are suitable for different car types. The large production capacity allows Wanda BOTO Tyre an annual production capacity of 300,000 unit of TBR and 1000, unit of radial OTR tires. The main reason why the company is one of the largest suppliers of tires in China is that it produces and supplies various series of tires and more than 100 sizes and patterns of all steel truck and bus radial tires, all steel radial off-the-road tires and light truck tires.

Wanda BOTO Tyre’s team firmly believes in modernizing and continuously upgrading their tire designs, this is why when it comes to finding the latest design professional tires, buyers’ top preference is Wanda BOTO Tire . “Our buyers expect nothing but the best from us, and it makes us proud because we have set our standards high and we have always come up to the expectation of our customers. No matter if it is about large-scale production and supply or about the latest hi-tech designs, we deliver it all and excel at it. That is why we are the leading tire producers and suppliers of tires in China. We hope to continually exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering them the incomparable quality and performance”.

The team of Winda Tyre is highly quality conscious, they make sure that every tire that is produced by the Shandong Wanda BOTO Tyre Co Ltd. is absolutely perfect. The company is ISO TS16949, China ISO 9001 quality system authorized and has acquired some foreign country certificates such as “DOT, ECE, S-MARK, IMETRA, and GCC.

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Shandong Wanda BOTO Tyre Co Ltd. is a leading subsidiary of China Wanda Group. Wanda BOTO Tyre is widely popular and highly trusted for its range of top-notch quality professional tires.
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Company: Shandong Wanda BOTO Tyre Co Ltd
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