VST Lighting Co., Ltd Is Setting New Standards In The Field Of LED Lighting

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Shenzhen, China (April 05, 2019) – LED lights are slowly but rapidly gaining prominence as an efficient way of lighting and a healthy and viable alternative to traditional lighting systems which have drastic impacts on the environment. Various studies have shown that LED lights transmit less carbon when compared to traditional lights and subsequently decrease the negative effects of global warming. The use of LED lights is increasing not only in small households but also in large businesses and industries. The long life span, durability, cost and energy efficiency, eco-friendly and other beneficial qualities of LED lights have also made them a favourite among people around the world. To meet this ever growing demand of LED lights, a large number of LED lights manufacturing companies have come up in China and VST Lighting Co., Ltd is one of the leading among them offering Solar Flood Lights, Searchlight, LED Desk Lamp, LED retrofit lamps, LED panel lights, and a host of other LED lighting products.

VST Lighting Co., Ltd offers a range of mechanical, thermal, and photometric LED solutions to help LED manufacturers overcome various designing challenges and guarantee highest quality of products to customers. VST Lighting’s All in One Solar Street Lights is a one of its kind compact lighting system which includes solar panels, LED light, a PIR motion sensor, LiFePO4 battery as well as cutting edge solar system controller and battery management framework. Similarly, their other range of LED lighting items has state-of-the-art innovative technologies which not only illuminates the desired space but also provides other practical benefits as well. The company also manufactures LED lighting appliances according to the demands and requirements of their clients. All these and more makes VST Lighting one of the most preferred LED lamp manufacturers in China among overseas clients with customers from various parts of world flocking to them with their requirements, including Belgium, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, UK, and others.

VST Lighting Co., Ltd provides medium rates in the industry to their clients on all their products including those they source from other suppliers. The company achieves this feat through mass production but also ensures the quality of the products through a quality management system in place. Overseas clients who have bought LED lights and other related products from the company has only nice things to say about them, the video graphic evidence of which is posted in the testimonials section of their official website, the link for which is

About VST Lighting Co., Ltd:
VST Lighting Co., Ltd provides an array of LED lighting products for various uses at medium rates to its customers worldwide. The company has clients from various parts of the world due to their high quality products and quick and responsive solutions to all problems.

Media Contact:
VST Lighting Co., Ltd
Address: 4F, Yushan Industrial Park, Shiyan Town,
Bao’an, Shenzhen, China
Phone: 0086-755-33245501
Fax: 0086-755-27675696
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One of the leading China based manufacturer of LED lamps, VST Lighting Co., Ltd is bringing most recent and innovative technologies in the field of LED lighting to provide quality illuminating appliances for residential, commercial as well as industrial clients Solar Flood Lights


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