Vostok-Air Launches Fundraiser Campaign On Kickstarter for Bluetooth Hub Hu.B

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(June 12, 2018) - Vostok-Air is fundraising for Hu.B, its Bluetooth hub designed to work with wireless speakers. It lets users produce surround sound over wireless technology. The fundraiser campaign has been launched on Kickstarter. Hu.B makes it easy to produce wireless surround sound and lets users pair as many as 6 Bluetooth enabled speakers at a time.

The company’s development team needs CAD$45,000 for financing the production of the new Hu.B wireless Bluetooth speaker hub. It lets user make wireless audio systems in about any location that they want, with the aid of diverse speakers and audio appliances. The unit has a lower cost than other options to make wireless surround sound. Users can get the chance to develop their own speaker set up with the speakers of their choice.

With Hu.B, Vostok-Air promises to empower users so that the latter does not have to depend on any speaker from any brand and be description with the results. They can use any type of BT enabled speaker for producing Surround Sound of individual design within their home or while on the move or just about anywhere that they want. This is the most convenient way to use any type of speaker combination.

At Vostok-Air, the developer team loves sound and music. The team believes that people should be capable of enjoying high quality music anywhere that they want, and in an easy way. The team is dedicated to helping people get the most convenient way to use any type of speaker combination. With Hu.B, users can customize their own music experience. They can determine how they choose to listen to media or music. As it is small in size, and operates on battery power, it can be taken along wherever users need. It can work anytime and anywhere.

The team has developed a hub and not a new speaker, which explains why it has been named as Hu.B. The hub lets people develop a network comprising of headphones and wireless speakers. The hub lets can help users to start a party or make a new album. The hub has a high battery capacity and can let users enjoy surround sound while on the move. Its battery lasts for a really long time and lets users charge their devices while on the move.

About Hu.b:
Hu.B will be available with an app that can be used with smartphone, tablet etc to connect it to a Bluetooth enabled speaker. When connected, the app will help people get an equalizer, obtain volume control options and much more. The app will find speakers automatically and show the ones that are within range. It will come with an easy to use, intuitive and basic interface that can be understood and maneuvered by anyone irrespective of his level of technical expertise. At the moment, the device exists only in the form of a prototype. The fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter, launched by Vostok-Air, will help the developer team finance the project and actualize it.

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Hu.B is a Bluetooth hub that is poised to work with wireless speakers. Vostok-Air has launched a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter to finance this project, which is in a prototype stage at the moment.


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