Vortex Solo 8×36 Monocular.

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The vortex solo monocular is of interest because it has a 36 mm objective lens. This is larger than would be expected on an item of this size. The lens offers the user better images because of the brightness and contrast that such a lens provides. This monocular has a great 393 foot field of view at a distance of 1000 yards, and has an ample 4.5 mm exit pupil. The item only weighs 10 ounces, and that is very attractive for those who wish to carry it with them in a pocket. This 8 x 39 monocular has a rubber coating that offers shock resistance against drops and bumps. The item comes with a clip that can be used at the belt, or on a jacket that has a place to clip a tool, or you can clip it to your pack.

A lanyard is also included for those who prefer to wear the item at the neck. We wish that a lens cap had been provided, but many of us that use a monocular do not rely on a lens cap the same way we do with binoculars.

Angled view of the Vortex Solo Monocular occular

As for the optics of this scope, at 16 feet of close focus, watching tiny life, such as flies or ants can not be done well, but it is quite excellent for bird watching. People who wear glasses will be happy with the 18.0 mm eye relief. The big 36 mm objective lens gathers lights splendidly, and the difference over a 28 mm lens is obvious. When confronted by clouds and overcast conditions, this monocular performs. The multi coated lens glass delivers brightness and clarity of image to you. Vortex spent the money to give this item it’s BaK 4 prisms. Such prisms clearly have the edge over a monocular that has a lesser quality. Bright, crisp images with good contrast.

This product is recommended for hunters, bird watchers, nature walkers, and all around out door traveler who want a quick to grab mini telescope at the ready when out in the field. The fact that this scope has full multi coated optics, and a generous 36 mm objective lens, makes it a reliable monocular to have on hand when you absolutely need to get a view of something quickly and easily. The product’s light weight CatID makes it good for indoor events as well, such as a concert, or an indoor sporting contest.

Vortex offers an unlimited, no fault, life time warranty as well. Appears to be one of the better warranties in the industry.

Product retails for around $100.

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