Vona Consulting Specializes in China Manufacturing for Small Businesses, Startups and Entrepreneurs

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New York, NY (Aug 14, 2018) - Originally established in New York, Vona Consulting has expanded internationally with three offices in China that offers companies, entrepreneurs and startups with solutions for professional Chinese manufacturing and sourcing services. The company has experience with manufacturing in electronics, garments, metals, plastics and wood.

Vona Consulting is a fully featured service designed specifically for small to medium sized enterprises and startups with a step-by-step model and a flexible payment method. The company excels at providing protection for intellectual property rights (IPR) and offers free, no-obligation quotes. Manufacturing costs are typically 46 percent less than domestic costs.

Those new to Chinese manufacturing can encounter numerous challenges. Vona Consulting eliminates problems navigating language barriers and cultural differences, Chinese laws and regulations, and IPR protection and trademarking. The company’s experts assist with product quality assurance and inspection, payment handling, logistics and shipping, the import/export process, and customs.

A major problem for many entrepreneurs and smaller companies is financing. Vona Consulting has helped startups obtain the funding they required through crowdfunding resources and works closely with clients throughout each phase. Clients are provided with samples for their approval before any mass production takes place and the company helps with custom packaging and labels for a truly professional appearance.

Vona Consulting has extensive experience with China manufacturing companies that specialize in multiple areas that include apparel, textile and the jewelry industry. High-end electronics can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost that encompasses cameras, smart watches and VR/AR glasses.

An extensive range of plastic products can be produced through the use of injection, extrusion and blow molding and vacuum forming. Metal products can be created through stamping, welding, casting and machining. Finishes include polishing, plating, pickling and passivation.

Production for a myriad of household and kitchen items, pet products, and functional and decorative garden merchandise can be established. Wooden items are in high demand, from toys and craft items to customized wooden parts, all of which can be arranged through China manufacturing companies.

Vona Consulting provides businesses, entrepreneurs and startups with a complete package of services designed for success. The company has extensive experience with a wide range of respected China manufacturing companies that can provide custom services for clients in a variety of industries and niche markets around the globe.

About Vona Consulting
Vona Consulting is registered in the U.S. and China, with offices in New York and Ningbo. We help businesses take advantage of all that China has to offer. We bring a global perspective, along with in-depth knowledge of the multifaceted issues and challenges that U.S. companies face in China. Our reputation lies in building lasting relationships with our clients and in a focus on delivering value-added professional services with world-class capabilities.

Media Contact
Vona Consulting
U.S. Phone: 1-212-457-1068
China Phone: 86-0574-83038167

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