Visit Theatre Nanterre-Amandiers on a School Trip to Paris

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While Paris is known to be teeming with tourist attractions, it is also an excellent hub for cultural learning. The famous city is symbolised by the timeless Eiffel Tower and a delectable range of local cheeses and its fashion industry – but there is so much more it offers. For budding talent in the domain of the performing arts (especially students), the Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers is a wonderful fountain of inspiration. Being easily accessible from the city, it is an ideal destination to visit during a school trip to Paris.

A Perfect Trip for Work and ‘Plays’

Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers is popular for its unique theatre performances, which adapt a modern approach of breaking down barriers between the performers and the audience. Ever since it was established in the 1960s, it has been frequented by talented showmen, show-women and accomplished theatre directors from around the globe.

The theatre runs multiple shows and plays throughout the year, which make for an ideal educational outing for young minds inclined towards the performing arts. Being located close to the French capital, it is a perfect daytrip during a school trip to Paris – and it also aims to blend together both learning and fun. Not usually found in the typical tourist brochures, it will also be a hidden gem that young students will be thrilled to discover.

A Modern Take on Architecture

Recently a renovation was commissioned for the building, which will make the space even more remarkable. Due to be completed by 2022, the refurbished theatre will house a transformable space which will utilise the building’s urban environment more efficiently. Keeping to its experimental nature, there are many such other changes to be introduced, including enhancing the outdoor theatre. This modern architecture is a refreshingly different experience from the classic construction style usually associated with the City of Lights, making it an exciting visit for design or architecture students too.

Organising an Educational Excursion

While planning a school trip to Paris may seem like a daunting task, it does not have to be so challenging. It is advisable to use the assistance of a specialised educational travel tour operator to organise the getaway. This will give you the opportunity to focus on other more important tasks, such as making the most of your class’s time in and around Paris. It is also a good idea to encourage your students to read about the theatre’s rich history before embarking on the trip, which will make the visit even more meaningful.

The Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers is the epitome of modernity in the performing arts space, which will help give the youth a futuristic perspective on theatre and drama. It will also help them experience the cultural side of Paris in a memorable way, which they will fondly remember even many years from now.
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