Using Sensual Toys with a Bent Male Organ

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More and more men (and couples) are incorporating sensual toys into their sensual play, and with good reason: sensual toys can be fun and can add a new layer into someone’s sensual life, especially if it has become a trifle routine. Some men, of course, are resistant to using sensual toys, for a variety of reasons – worries that using sensual toys makes them less of a “real man,” for example (which is far from the truth) or that there could be male organ health issues from their use (generally not a problem if used properly). And many men with a bent male organ assume that their excess curvature makes using sensual toys unfeasible – but that is simply not the case.

What kind of bent male organ?

It pays to define terms, especially one like “bent male organ.” The fact is that, while many men have a perfectly straight member when tumescent, many others sport a tumescence that offers some curvature. For some, there’s a graceful swoop up or a slight leaning to the left or right, or a small inclination downward. This can make the manhood even more aesthetically pleasing to some women, and as long as the curvature is not extreme or causes pain, then such a condition is not a problem.

However, sometimes a man has a manhood so bent that it does create issues. If the curvature is such that it impedes penetration or causes pain during sensual activity – or even when simply in a tumescent state – then a man is usually diagnosed as having Peyronie’s disease.

In Peyronie’s disease, the bent male organ is typically the result of a build-up of scar tissue in the member, often over a long period of time. This usually is the result of trauma to the member. It can be a large trauma, such as being hit in the manhood by a line-drive baseball. But it also can be the result of many episodes of small trauma, such as the member being handling extremely roughly during partner sensual activity and/or self-pleasuring.

Sensual toys

Because an extremely bent male organ may make penetration difficult or impossible, many men assume that sensual toys are off limits. In fact, many sensual toys are still very much an option for a man with a bent male organ.

For example, male organ rings can still be used, especially if he has found that maintaining tumescence is challenging. These rings constrict blood flow out of a tumescent manhood, often enabling a man to stay firm for a longer period of time.

In addition, male member extenders or sleeves may be a benefit to him and his partner. These are typically hollowed out silicone items in a male organ shape which fit over the member. Some men find that these straighten out their bend somewhat (while they wear them at least) so that they can more successfully engage in penetration.

In addition, Peyronie’s sometimes causes a loss of sensation in the member, making seed release and pleasure release more challenging. Using sensual toys such as posterior plugs, prostate massagers or manhood-shaped toys in the posterior can stimulate the prostate, which often helps bring about seed release and pleasure release in many men.

As always, men should be certain to follow the directions when utilizing sensual toys and to consult with a doctor if there is any reason why sensual toys might pose an issue for an individual man.

Whether they have a bent male organ or not, men will enjoy sensual toys even more if they keep the manhood in good shape, which can be aided by regular use of an excellent male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Be sure that the selected crème is going to deliver a sufficient range of vitamins – especially vitamins A, B5, C, D and E. And the chosen crème should also include L-carnitine, an amino acid with neuroprotective properties which helps maintain proper member sensitivity.
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