Urethritis Can Make a Sore Male Organ

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Man, a sore male organ can be a real pleasure killer! A guy may be all set for an exciting sensual encounter, but a truly sore male organ can make that encounter much less satisfying – and can sometimes even derail it altogether. And even when a man is not getting all heated up over some delicious sensual activity, a sore male organ can cause pain and discomfort that simply interferes with his every day, non-sensual life. Maintaining proper male organ health can help prevent a sore male organ, and knowing about urethritis can enable a man to take steps to treat this sore male organ cause.

About urethritis

Urethritis refers to a bacterial infection that affects the urethra, which in men is the tube that runs from the bladder down through the manhood. It’s the tube which acts as the expressway through which urine leaves the body. It’s also the same tube that male seed use when it is dispersed from the body – although the male seed joins the urethra outside of the bladder.

When a man has urethritis, he usually experiences pain in the urethra while he is urinating. It also may occur while he is releasing seed – and in some cases, the sore male organ may occur during the excitement phase before releasing seed. In addition, urethritis may cause blood to appear in the urine or in the seed fluid.

If urethritis is present, it may increase the frequency with which a man urinates; ironically, while it makes a man need to urinate more often, he often finds that when he gets ready to urinate, it can take a while to actually initiate the urination. And while the most intense pain occurs during urination or seed release, often there is a continuing lesser degree of soreness at other times. The member may also be very itchy during this time.


The bacteria that causes urethritis typically enters the urethra through the hole at the end of the member through which urine and semen leave the body. In addition to common bacteria like e coli, urethritis may also occur from bacteria associated with social diseases, such as gonococcus (associated with gonorrhea) and chlamydia trachomatis (associated with chlamydia). Herpes simplex may also cause urethritis.


Clearly, a man wants to avoid the sore male organ (and other problems) that can result from urethritis. There are several steps he can take to do this:

Be clean. Practicing good hygiene can help to keep common bacteria away from the urethra. Washing hands frequently is a good idea, as is washing the manhood on a daily basis – more if a man sweats a lot or is engaged in other activity which brings about potential bacterial infection. E coli bacteria is often found in the stool, so men should try not to touch the member after defecating until they have washed their hands.

Use latex protections. Having unprotected sensual activity puts a person at greater risk of acquiring urethritis – and of more serious social diseases. Consistent use of latex protections (unless one is in a serious monogamous relationship) can be a big help in preventing spread of social diseases. Some doctors also recommend urinating after coupling, as this may help remove bacteria before they can “take hold.”


Treatment of urethritis depends upon its cause, but various antibiotics and/or antivirals are typically prescribed.

Even after urethritis has been treated, a man may continue to have a sore male organ for several days. Regular use of a first rate male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) may provide some relief. Common soreness is often alleviated through use of a moisturizer-rich crème, so select one with both a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). In addition, strengthen the delicate manhood skin by finding a crème with a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid.
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