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Moscow, Russia - uKit pre-ICO has begun! During this time, tokens will be available with the 25% discount at the price of $150 per token. In total, the system plans to issue 100,000 tokens (UKT), the first batch of which (5,000 UKT) are available for the pre-sale from December 11, 2017 until January 1, 2018.

uKit Group is a reputable company that has been on the market for over 12 years and has gained popularity with millions of users across the globe. The company has provided multiple web building solutions and features that help lots of users reach their business and personal goals. This year, uKit Group team decided to create an ecosystem that will be the best combination of website and landing page building, blockchain-based data as well as artificial design intelligence aimed at creating websites to meet the needs of the diverse audience. Here’s what the developers of the system share about the advanced artificial intelligence tool: “The artificial intelligence tool analyzes the website in terms of web design, analytics and marketing. The blockchain component of the project is presented by the opportunity to supply information about how people behave on websites to the overall database and receive tokens from the project’s reserve fund in exchange. The system distributes tokens from the reserve in proportion to the share of data added by the specific contributor vs the overall volume of data in the system. This way, the more information you contribute to train the AI, the greater compensation you receive”.

uKit plans to issue 100,000 tokens (UKT), 55,000 UKT of which will be for sale. The remaining 25,000 tokens will be stored in the reserve fund that will further be used to reward users supplying data that is needed to train the Artificial Intelligence, sharing depersonalized data on traffic through their sites. The pre-sale is the first stage of the ICO timeline.

The next stages are planned as follows:

- February 2018 (start of uKit AI beta version testing);
- March 2018 (start of uData development and blockchain data storage);
- April 2018 (implementation of the voting system for product features);
- June 2018 (introduction of uKit AI 1.0 tool);
- August 2018 (uData beta version);
- September 2018 (uKit AI 2.0 beta version);
- January 2019 (uKit AI 2.0 release).

This timeline is flexible and is subject to change if deemed necessary.

All the funds collected will be used to improve the uKit AI system, create the analysis system, uData big data storage, run marketing activities, etc. The tokens will be available for usage, renting and sale after the ICO is over. One token will grant 0.001% of all the available uKit and uData personalizations. A token also makes it possible to use uKit website builder for the unlimited period of time. A token won’t expire if a person doesn’t use it for website personalization purposes. Tokens can be sold on the internal uKit marketplace to users of existing company products. They are expected to grow in demand in the near future.

For more information, feel free to visit

About the Company:
uKit Group is a trusted company with over 12 years of experience in the website building niche. The number of users has exceeded 3.8 million people and is growing with every passing year. The company’s services make it possible to create professional-looking websites that reveal excellent performance and functionality. The developers of the platform keep working on its improvement by introducing advanced tools like the Artificial Intelligence feature.
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