Travelling for Business? Here Are the Dos and Don’ts

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Representing your business or company during travel is an important responsibility. To help you put your best foot forward, here are some important dos and don'ts while on your trip.

The Dos

Do Dress Appropriately

It’s important to represent your company positively during your trip and dressing smartly is an ideal way to do that. While it isn't necessary to be suited and booted at all times, you should be particular about your attire and posture when speaking to clients. When in doubt, a blazer is the easiest way to smarten your look and can be paired with pretty much any shirt or blouse. Brogues are also ideal shoes to wear while travelling for business, since they double as both formal and casual footwear. If you’re attending a conference or event with a specific dress code, ensure you comply by bringing the right outfits with you.

Do Save All of Your Receipts

It’s important to save records of all your expenses and purchases related to your journey. It’s helpful as proof to claim reimbursement where applicable and also a good way to prove your activities during the trip. When it comes to your business travel insurance policy, your payment receipt is likely to include the name of the cover you have chosen, which makes it easy to remember and claim support if necessary.

Do Find the Right Insurance Policy

It’s essential to invest in business travel insurance to give yourself peace of mind and protection during unforeseen circumstances. While this may seem like an unnecessary addition to your checklist, it is probably the most important, especially when travelling for work; you want to ensure security for yourself in case of adversity. Take your time to read through the fine print of different policies to choose one that’s best for your situation, and don’t hesitate to go to an expert for advice if you’re confused.

The Don’ts

Don’t Take Advantage of Freebies

It’s a given that you’ll enjoy free travel, food and drink while you’re away. However, you shouldn’t misuse these facilities by using your company credit card more than necessary. However tempting it may seem, it’s essential to remember you’re on a professional tour and therefore need to respect the privileges you have been given.

Don’t Forget Essential Information

Whether you save it on your smart phone, upload the scans to a drive online or simply keep everything in a wallet, ensure you have all important information such as flight tickets, your accommodation address and your business travel insurance policy documentation in one place. That way, if you can’t remember some details, they are easily accessible for your reference.

By following these simple tips, you’re sure to have a positive travel experience. Oh, and one last tip? Don’t forget to exude confidence and self-assurance so you can impress everyone you meet during your visit!
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Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of InsureMore, an award-winning team of specialists in single trip, annual and business travel insurance. The company offers great deals for various travel insurance policies, so clients can always rest assured that they’re fully protected no matter where they travel.


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