Travel to Canada: Visit Stunning Cities on Escorted Tours

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Canada is one of the most diverse holiday destinations on the planet, so in order to make the most of it, you need to pay a visit to a number of its towns and cities rather than staying in one place throughout your getaway.

If you want to travel to Canada and see as much of it as possible over the course of a single holiday, you will surely benefit from embarking on a specialist escorted tour. No matter where your interests lie, you’re bound to find a tour that’ll take you to all the Canadian destinations you’ve ever dreamed of visiting.

Top Cities

Many holidaymakers travel to Canada to explore the county’s natural beauty and wildlife, but you’ll find that there are some extraordinary cities that are equally popular among tourists and still allow you to appreciate the natural landscapes. Many escorted tours incorporate visits to these areas since they are rich with history and boast plenty of attractions.


If you’re considering heading off on an escorted tour of the country’s best cities, be sure to find one that takes you to Vancouver. There are all sorts of exciting attractions on offer in this Canadian paradise – explore the green parks, immerse yourself in culture and admire the beautiful architecture that surrounds you. There really is something for everyone.

If you have time to explore further, don’t miss a trip to Gastown, the city’s oldest precinct. Here you can truly step into the past and discover the well-preserved buildings from the Victorian era. It’s a holiday and a history lesson all in one!

While you’re there, you may also have the opportunity to visit some of Vancouver’s other popular attractions including Chinatown, Stanley Park and English Bay. There are also plenty of great restaurants in this area so you can get your fill of Canadian cuisine during your jam-packed visit.


You can’t travel to Canada without visiting Victoria, especially if you love admiring picturesque landscapes – this city is full of them. Snow-capped mountains surround the area, there are verdant gardens almost everywhere you turn and there’s even an authentic harbour from which you can enjoy the city’s views.

Escorted tours will often include visits to a number of excellent museums (including the Maritime Museum of British Columbia) as well as the famous Buchart Gardens. Victoria boasts a wonderfully mild climate, so you needn’t worry about the timing of your visit – the gardens will always be in full bloom, so you really can make the most of the natural beauty Victoria has to offer.

Escorted tours are one of the best ways to fully appreciate the beauty and diversity of this fascinating country, and if you book with a specialist tour company you’re guaranteed to see the best highlights. Travel to Canada on your next getaway and experience nature, history and culture like never before.
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