Trailerlock: A Revolution in Hold Safety

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We have had some laughs this month, but now it is time for a serious talk about safety. In haulage work, protecting your goods against theft is of primary importance. No one wants their freight stolen! To ensure your vehicle’s safe-keeping, try using the new revolutionary safety device that guarantees protection against theft and potential stowaways.

Trailerlock: Protection Against Break Ins

Trailerlock is an innovative protection system for the cargo compartments of your vans and semi-trailers. It will prevent intruders from breaking into your vehicles, both while you are driving and while you rest in parking areas. The system is tamper-proof and features a steel case, an anchoring belt, a security nut and a small socket spanner. Thanks to this terrific system, you can take a coffee or toilet break knowing that your unattended vehicle is safe from burglars. Haulage work has never been so secure!

How It Works

You are probably wondering how this system actually works. It is a good question. Put simply, Trailerlock is fast and easy to install. All you need to do is to place the body of the lock onto the doors’ handle, so that that the fixing bolt passes through the smaller hole in the lock’s body. The secret nut is then attached through the larger hole in the lock’s body, into the fixing bolt.

Benefits of Trailerlock

• Universal Fitting

I know that haulage companies can use various sized vehicles for their operations. Trailerlock is brilliant because it has a universal fitting, meaning that it should fit all your trailers. This superb feature makes it the ideal product for any haulage work when you are carrying very valuable goods.

• Fast and Easy to Install

One of the top benefits of this system is that there are no hidden installation costs. If your trailer rear frame has pre-existing holes, then you can effortlessly fit the lock without having to modify the rear doors. If your vehicle does not have holes, you can still use the Trailerlock. The system can still be installed without difficulty. Simply drill holes of 9mm then place the fastening bolts through the frame on the right side of the handle, and voilà, you are all set to install the system.

• Simple to Operate

I bet I can guess what you are thinking: most security systems are complicated and time-consuming to lock and unlock. Don’t be fooled by past systems. Trailerlock is remarkably simple to use. It just takes a quick turn on one security bolt and the lock slides off the door handle.

• Tamper Proof and Total Security

As Trailerlock is manufactured from solid steel, it is resistant to mechanical interference. Without using the pocket-sized security wrench (which the driver can keep in the cab), it is impossible to open the doors and access the goods. Haulage work will now be safer for drivers, as the lock system ensures operators’ well-being too.

As you take on haulage work, keep your vehicles and your drivers safe by investing in this revolutionary lock system. Trust me, it is worth it!

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