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Travel recommendations:

- Bacalar is usually a small spot, using a beautiful all-natural atmosphere to enjoy; usually do not count on to know a very created city, for that to 30 minutes you are able to check out Chetumal.

- Know Chetumal, besides the attractions of a bigger city, features a free trade zone where you may acquire things at rates without taxes. It truly is crucial which you look at that there are actually limits to enter merchandise towards the nation, seek the advice of ahead of spending too much.

- No matter if within the case on the lagoon or the cenotes, it's essential which you don't venture into its waters should you usually do not know how to swim, the depths between them can differ from 30 to more than one hundred meters.

- Check with the local population which regions are suitable for swimming, there are actually places far in the shore that may be visited by crocodiles, don't danger it, it is improved to ask.

- Inside the walks often carry sunblock or sunscreen, caps or hats, water and comfy garments and light colors, Bacalar is really a place exactly where heat is present all year.

- If you visit consume some thing or buy a souvenir, check the implies of payment, you might not normally have the choice to spend in cash or using a card, so it is actually excellent to prevent and not disappoint or have negative occasions when paying.

- In case you have the chance, stop by Majahual, a charming fishing village where the beauty with the sea will fascinate you.
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