Tips to Avoid Stress While Stuck in Traffic

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We have all been in this situation when we are behind the wheel: there is heavy traffic on the road and we feel the stress building. There is no doubt that trying to negotiate the roads, especially in a foreign country, is trickier when there are many other vehicles around. This strain multiplies when you are driving a hire car and you are relying on the limits of the rental company’s collision damage waiver.

In an attempt to reduce your stress on the road and help you enjoy your holiday more we have put together a few stress-busting tips to help you deal with traffic and minimise any potential anxieties.

Leave on Time

Always give yourself plenty of time, especially when you are on holiday. What’s the hurry? By not rushing yourself, you are much less likely to be tempted to break the speed limit or display other unsafe behaviour. When you have hired a car and are exploring a destination on your own terms, you might think you are never going to be in a rush – but holidays often leave you wanting to cram lots of things into a single day, so be aware!

Prepare Yourself

Delays are inevitable… and when you don’t know the roads you are driving down, you will need to take things slowly. Try to find out about the traffic situation before you leave, so that you can avoid postponements and detours that only trigger stressful situations.

Relax When Stuck in Traffic

The best thing to do when you are nose to tail with hundreds of other cars on the road is to accept the situation. Relax, switch on your music and take a few deep breaths. After all, there is nothing that you can do that will change what is happening. All that stress and frustration will do is get you to your destination in a negative and flustered frame of mind.

Take a Chill Pill and Let it Go

Every country you visit has a different etiquette when it comes to driving, so try no to let things get to you. Instead, just let go of any irritations and realise that the code of conduct on the road in other countries may not be what you expect. Other nations may drive more aggressively and some rules may be ignored. Don’t take it personally – just take a breath, remember you are on holiday and move on!

Don’t Rely on a Collision Damage Waiver

Our final tip will do wonders for reducing your stress level. Make sure you purchase car hire excess insurance if you are planning to rent a vehicle on your holiday. Rental companies may offer add-ons to their insurance policies, including collision damage waivers, but these are often inadequate. Get your car hire excess insurance sorted before you go… knowing you are covered for all eventualities will go a long way to reducing your stress levels when dealing with heavy traffic.

Hiring a car while on holiday is a great idea, especially if you are keen on exploring the local area and don’t want to rely on foreign public transportation or a set itinerary. Keep your stress levels low by heeding the tips above. They will ensure road rage and frustrating traffic incidents will not mar your getaway.
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Sam Walker is a specialist insurance expert at LowerHire, a company that offers low-cost single trip and annual multi-trip car hire excess insurance policies. Travellers can avoid the hidden costs of the collision damage waiver in their rental agreement and look forward to a stress-free car hire experience.


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