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How many of you find yourself with the intention of packing less but find it difficult? Well, it is not impossible. You lay out everything you want to bring on your trip & find out that not everything fits into your luggage. It is definitely hard to break away from what you think you need. However, there are some steps you cana take to pare down your packing list.
1. Get Rid of Half - When planning to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes & twice the money.
2. Dress in Layers - When planning for cold weather trips, pack clothes that you can layer. Instead of bringing a heavy sweater, pack a T-shirt, long sleeved shirt & a thin cardigan or sweater. Collectively, they take up less space than the thick sweater & this gives you a more flexible wardrobe.
3. Wear Plain Clothes -Dress in neutral colors. This gives you more total outfit combination & less effort to plan. If you by chance miss wearing bright colors & patterns, use accessories as your flair as they take up less room in your bag than a fancy shirt or a polka dot dress.
4. Get Quick -Dry Fabrics - Quick-dry fabrics can be hand washed & hung overnight. This makes it possible to carry fewer items. There are some performance apparel companies that make moisture-wicking & quick dry clothing you might pack ie Ex-Officio. If you don't sweat profusely, most pants & shirts can be worn more than once without being washed or becoming smelly.
5. Don't Buy Clothes Just for the Trip - You can easily fill your bag with a whole new wardrobe that has special features, but, if you don't wear them at home, you won't be wearing them on the road. Instead, pack your normal clothes as they feel more comfortable & look better. Also, with limited space in your bag, it would not make sense to carry something you won't wear.
6. Pack for Two Weeks if planning on an Extended Trip - If you're traveling for a month or longer, still plan on packing for 2 weeks as you'll have to do laundry anyway. Don't create your packing list based on your entire trip. Break it into small chunk: 2 weeks. Remember, 3 shirts & 3 pairs of pants should work out to 9 outfits. This is already a week's worth of clothing.
7. Keep Your Shoes on Your Feet - Most people pack their shoes first before packing anything else & this takes up the much-needed space. Bulky shoes should be worn, not packed. You can, however, bring a pair of flip-flops, sandals or flats without sacrificing much space.
8, Use Packing Cubes - Packing cubes help maximize your space & offer some compression & organization.
9. Don't Pack Anything Cheap - Toiletries or accessories costing less than $10, buy it @ your destination. In many countries, you'll actually save money. The trip to the grocery or drug store can be a fun adventure.
10. Use a Smaller Bag. Clothes have a way of filling the space in your bag. If you carry a smaller bag, you become a minimalist, but if you carry a bigger bag, you'll be packing your entire closet.
11. No Toiletry Gadgets - Anything you use in the bathroom ie electric shaver or hair dryer can be left home. They are for beauty & not for hygiene. You won't need them
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