Tickets Available For Medical Cannabis Conference & Cannabis Expo Malta 2019 For Participants

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Ta’Qali, Malta (March 30, 2019) – In addition to being the business and education conference, the Medical Cannabis Conference is the ultimate cannabis entertainment conference as well. This conference is held every year in the heart of the most attractive places in the world. For the year 2019, the Cannabis Expo Malta 2019 is planned to be held from 14th to 16th of November 2019 in Ta’Qali, Malta. Tickets are now available for attendees and nearly 150 exhibitors and more than 10,000 attendees are expected to participate in this event.

The organizers of Medical Cannabis Malta say “Whether you’re brand-new to this growing community or have been in business for a while and want to take it to the next level, The Malta Medical Cannabis Conference has something for you. You can participate in onsite physician consultations, sample products, watch demonstrations, and attend educational workshops and certification training. You will get incredible keynote speakers round out the evenings!”

The Marijuana Expo Malta is not just a place to learn, but it provides the most excellent opportunity to network for businesses every year. Participants of this Cannabis Conference Malta will get the chance to socialize with A-list celebrities and they can attend night clubs and after parties as well.

About Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo 2019:
At the cannabis Malta expo and conference, participants can expect product samples and demonstrations, concert series and even onsite physician and consultations.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo Malta 2019
MFCC Ta’ Qali
Millennium Stand, Level
1, The National Stadium

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Businessmen interested in taking their cannabis business to the next level and even for those starting afresh, participation in the Medical Cannabis Confidence and Cannabis Expo Malta 2019 will help. Tickets are now available for this event for participants.


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