The Way to the Heart is Through the Stomach: Romantic Sicilian Foods

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There’s something very special about the romance that can be found in Sicily. Honeymoon escapes to this magical Italian island provide a memorable experience defined by luxury accommodation, sublime beaches, a welcoming culture and absolutely incredible food!

It’s Italy, after all, so you’d expect nothing less from the country that invented ‘la dolce vita’. You’ll find that when you come to Sicily, honeymoon breaks are the perfect time to dial up the romance and try something new and adventurous together. And, in fine Italian tradition, even the old favourites will taste more delicious when eaten with the love of your life.

A Love for Food Equals Food for Love

Here are a few distinctive Sicilian dishes to make both your heart and your taste buds sing.

Pasta alla Norma: It would be a delightful bonus if your love’s name is Norma, but even without that, this mouth-watering vegetarian pasta dish should be high on your list of must-eats. Traditionally made with macaroni, the recipe calls for delicately fried aubergines tossed in a tomato and basil sauce served with a generous topping of grated ricotta. That’s amore...

Pasta con le Sarde: Because it’s made with spaghetti or another ribbon pasta, this one can get a little messy – but you’re married now, so throw caution to the wind and order up this dish of absolute deliciousness. The island is renowned (naturally) for its fresh seafood, and this sauce of saffron, fennel and sultanas topped off with fresh anchovies and sardines is one of the most delightful ways to try it.

Arancini: With an outside just as pretty as the inside (just like your partner, right?) the iconic arancini balls you’ll find all over the island are an example of good, simple food done right. Balls of creamy risotto are covered in breadcrumbs, stuffed with even more goodness (anything from cheese, tomato or peas to ham and boiled eggs) then deep fried to perfection. The perfect match.

Cannoli: If there’s any more romantic Italian food than these melt-in-your-mouth signature pastries, we’d like to see it. Filled with ricotta, often with the addition of chocolate pieces or candied pumpkin shards, they’re the perfect size to keep you coming back for more. ‘Remember the cannoli?’ could well become the catch cry of your Sicily honeymoon


Cassata: We know you’re still wiping the crumbs of your wedding cake away from your mouth, but fire up your sweet tooth and get ready for the second best cake of your year! This delectable sponge is infused with ricotta, liqueur, chocolate, candied fruits and then wrapped in marzipan. It’s a taste sensation you’ll want to repeat more than once on your holiday, and we lied – because it’ll definitely be the best cake of your year.

Granita and Brioche: Granita and Brioche is a speciality combination that goes together like a couple of newlyweds. The frozen creamy granita is topped off with seasonal fruits and nuts and served with a lovely soft brioche on the side. While it’s a very popular dessert, it’s also quite often served as the first meal of the day. Ice-cream for breakfast? That’s one way to remember your Sicily honeymoon…

When you come to Sicily, honeymoon hotels will all have their own versions of these and many other local dishes – it’s up to you both to discover which will be your very own romantic signature dish.
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