The Stylishly Designed LED Flashlight Offered By VST Lighting Is A Lightweight Useful Lighting Device

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Shenzhen, China (20.05.2019) – Flashlights using LED’s or light emitting diodes are inexpensive and energy efficient, enduring, lightweight, safe, and reliable. LED Flashlights are able to accomplish all this because the bulbs generate light very efficiently. LEDs are built without the requirement for the heated meat fiber and delicate oxygen-free container utilized in a traditional incandescent bulb. The vast majority of the energy produced in a LED Flashlight goes to the fundamental purpose which is light with little or none lost to heat. When it comes to LED flashlight, one of the leading manufacturers of it is China based LED manufacturing company VST Lighting Co., Ltd which has been producing high quality LED lighting products for the worldwide market since 2011.

The LED Flashlight manufactured by VST Lighting is stylishly designed with a sturdy 6063-T6 aluminum alloy body and contains replaceable Panasonic battery. This anodized finished LED flashlight has a lighting range of about 140 meters and outputs light up to 200 lumens. The flashlight works for over 7 hours and weighs a mere 70g. It can fit easily into pocket or purse and can prove handy in helping to find anything that falls in the dark or gets lost under the car seat.

Professional and reliable Chinese LED lamp manufacturer VST Lighting has clients from all around the world including Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, and others. Their clients keep on coming to the company for all their LED lighting product needs since VST has been consistently providing good quality products with swift and effective response. More detailed information about VST Lighting’s LED flashlight can be found on

About LED Flashlight:
VST Lighting Co., Ltd is among the leading manufacturers of LED Flashlight and other LED lighting products in China. Their stylishly designed LED flashlight weighs just 70g and is very much beneficial for outdoor purposes.

Media Contact:
VST Lighting CO., Ltd
Address: 4F, Yushan Industrial Park, Shiyan Town, Bao’an,
Shenzhen, China
Phone: 0086-755-33245501
Fax: 0086-755-27675696
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Brightest LED Flashlight manufactured by one of the most reputable Chinese LED lamp manufacturer has a robust aluminum alloy body and weighs just 70g


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