The Rockstar Eve Minor Excited Music Enthusiasts at the Bitter End Conducted on 18th of November

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Eve Minor an upcoming artist, recently offered her live performance of her newest song ‘Johny’ at her unbirthday Party held on the 18th of November 2017.

Rockstar Eve Minor did the live performance at the Bitter End. Most of the people, who got the opportunity to participate in the event, were highly enthralled with her performance. A video glimpse of the live version of her newest song was posted on YouTube only on the 20 of November 2017.

Within just 4-days of posting, the video has been watched by 200 people and the number continues to grow. Out of the views, 7 people have shared their thumbs up for the video, while a person has also disliked. With the excellent piece of music, it is expected that the likes and positive comments will start flowing in with word-of-the-mouth popularity from people, who were already excited with the music of Eve Minor.

The Musicians Rock Network has stated that this is an awesome performance, while another listener has given a lot of claps, likes, love hearts in the form of symbols in the comments section. Music enthusiasts will feel enthusiastic when they listen to the performance by Eve Minor.

Being an experienced artist, emotive model, and a producer, she rightly knows what people expect from their favorite artists. So, in addition to singing for her own passion, she has given her best in the Johny song. Even though she has faced many challenges in her life, she has never let down her spirits. This can be rightly understood from her performance.

About Eve Minor:
Eve Minor has been involved behind the screen for so many years as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and a talented singer. She decided to break out on her own from the year 2016. With all the hardships she faced in her life, she would like to inspire other artists with her words. She uses her personal struggles to inspire women wherever she goes.

To listen and watch her performance, please visit

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