The Positive aspects of True Open MRI

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Healthcare Imaging of Fredericksburg is committed to offering our sufferers the highest amount of innovation and patient comfort readily available using the region’s only True Open MRI at our Lee’s Hill place. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, can be a protected and painless way for doctors to view internal anatomy devoid of surgical procedures.

Comfort and Peace of mind - Expertise the Region’s Only True Open MRI
Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg is committed to providing our individuals the highest degree of innovation and patient comfort out there together with the region’s only true open MRI at our Lee’s Hill location. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is actually a safe and painless way for medical doctors to view internal anatomy with no surgical procedures. We are proud to present an open MRI as an option for our patients, in addition to our classic MRI and powerful T3 MRI machines. Our open MRI has open sides to enhance patient comfort via a much less restrictive atmosphere while still supplying the high quality outcomes our patients count on.

Reducing Anxiety for MRI Procedures
Both traditional and open MRI are essential for unique varieties of tests, but in lots of circumstances sufferers really feel more comfy with the open technologies. Within a traditional MRI exam, individuals lay on a table that moves into a cylindrical tube. Research have shown that a single in five individuals may knowledge some anxiousness as well as the open format assists make them feel far more comfy. Scans could call for the patient’s entire body to be inside the machine tunnel for the duration from the exam, and because of this patients who endure from claustrophobia (the fear of confined space) are at times unable to finish the procedure. This essential option helps these with anxiousness to complete essential medical screening and evaluation, and could be the preference for many.

Open on Four Sides
The Open MRI eliminates the tunnel design and style of a classic MRI, replacing it having a scanner that is certainly open on all sides. We normally inform our patients that it’s like “lying down around the bottom bunk of a bunk bed.” Our open MRI facility creates a comforting atmosphere for our individuals, with calming soft lighting, mural backgrounds and designer decor. The airy design of the machine enables patients to see outside and about the machine. Physicians, MRI technicians, or family members can stay close so that you can comfort individuals. Several sufferers have benefitted from possessing family and friends members with them all through the process. The Open MRI can also be quieter than a conventional MRI, adding for the soothing environment.

Easier Access for Exams
The design from the open MRI has helped us to expand our solutions in order to help extra sufferers. Younger patients specially advantage in the open format, simply because their parents and physicians may be accompany them throughout their procedures. Parents are relieved to know that they could be with their children throughout the method. The open space on the machine also makes it possible for for an easier examination procedure for those with limited mobility. Our technologists also use it to scan accurately extremities that have been as soon as complicated to scan. The Open MRI can also be improved capable to accommodate bariatric patients, or individuals who have difficulty lying down in confined spaces.

The Only True Open Provider in the Area
We are constantly working to raise requirements by providing our patients the most beneficial doctors and the finest out there technology. Medical Imaging is the first and only facility inside the area to offer you the comfort and positive aspects of an open MRI. Other facilities have MRI machines with wider designs, and they may even be referred to as “open MRIs,” but they are typically just MRI machines having a bigger center region. “True open” implies that the machine is open on all four sides, like a “pancake” above the patient. Healthcare Imaging at Lee’s Hill may be the only place in our region where sufferers can experience a true, open MRI.

Secure, Simple, and Radiation No cost
As opposed to other kinds of imaging, an MRI will not use radiation, generating it among the safest medical diagnostic tests accessible, producing a high amount of detail. An MRI makes use of a large magnet, radio waves, plus a complicated laptop program to provide detailed two or three dimensional pictures of internal body tissues, nerves, muscles, bones, ligaments, along with other tissues. Ultrasound and CT machines may possibly require patient preparations that alter their every day lives, for instance withholding food or increasing fluids. An MRI process does not normally demand the patient’s day-to-day life to be modified; patients can consume normally and go about their typical routine prior to and just after their process.
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