The Festivities Continue: Truckfest 2019 is on its Way

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Europe’s biggest trucking event, Truckfest, will be returning in 2019 with eight fantastic shows throughout the UK. Since 1983, Truckfest has been a huge hit among haulage workers, HGV enthusiasts and lorry drivers alike, and in 2019 it’s sure to ‘wow’ us all over again.

Although Christmas will soon be over, the festivities in the haulage industry certainly won’t be. The events will be held over multiple locations in the UK from May through to October 2019. Here’s what will be in store for the next trucking extravaganza!

• Live Music

A number of popular and upcoming artists will be performing throughout the majority of the Truckfest weekends and are sure to create a very lively atmosphere. In Peterborough, Marty Mone and The Sound Injectors will be performing, and the festivals in Shepton Mallet and Wolsingham will also feature live music displays. And that’s just for starters...

• Monster Trucks

There will be plenty of ‘monster’ truck action happening all over the country, so prepare for some thrilling displays and amazing opportunities to get up close and personal. In Kent, visitors will have the chance to enjoy a ride in a monster truck, and there will also be a car-crashing display that is definitely worth a look. In Knutsford there will be a similar display, but guests will be watching the famed Tony Dixon driving his 2003 Swamp Thing 4x4. Dixon is also appearing in Malvern.

• Celebrity Guests

As well as musicians and famous monster truckers, many other celebrities have been known to attend Truckfest weekends – including, in the past, some Love Island stars and a host of soap actors. There is quite often evening entertainment going on, which usually attracts (or showcases) some well-known guests. If you’re bringing the kids along, they will be able to meet a few of their own favourite celebrities. At the Newark festival, youngsters can meet their favourite characters from Paw Patrol, as well as some Disney princesses and a selection of popular superheroes.

• Stunt Displays

Broke FMX will be featuring at most of the Truckfest shows, performing some incredible motorcycle stunts. These displays never fail to impress and are touted as the most exciting events of the weekend attractions.

• Trucks, Trucks, Trucks

The stars of the show, and of course favoured by anyone in the haulage industry, are the incredible trucks themselves While Peterborough hosts an Illuminated Truck Light Parade and a huge vintage exhibition, Edinburgh celebrates the vehicles a little differently by hosting the Truck Awards. Last year this event featured over 1000 contenders! There is also a haulier showcase happening in Edinburgh, which usually attracts many hundreds of guests.

• Family Fun

While younger children might not be interested in all the details of the haulage industry, there will be plenty for them to be getting on with while you’re admiring the vehicles. Shepton Mallet’s festival features a funfair complete with inflatables, and in Knutsford there’s an exciting water zone – set to be great fun for the whole family.

Find out which festival is nearest to you and book your tickets today! Appreciate the beauties of the transport industry, spend time with like-minded people and enjoy the array of exciting events on offer while you’re there.
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