The Coolest Vintage Shopping Near Your Student Accommodation

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London is a city which is both incredibly modern and forward-thinking as well as nostalgic, historic and full of exciting and diverse fashion. Brick Lane, Spitalfields and Camden are just some of the best spots to head to if you’re looking for vintage fashion.

Brick Lane

One of the most colourful and vibrant paths in the capital, Brick Lane is conveniently located nearby to plenty of student accommodation. London is home to some diverse and unique works of art, and there is a selection displayed all over the buildings of this street.

With everything from fantastic food to brilliant books, Brick Lane will keep you entertained for hours. Shops including Beyond Retro and Rokit are located nearby, with the clothes on offer here ranging from high-waisted denim jeans to oversized shirts and plenty of other quirky patterns and designs.


Greenwich Market is open every day of the week apart from Monday and is located in a charming area right in the centre of London. It opened back in the 1800s, and it now boasts a huge array of retro items and great food available in the hall.


London’s Old Spitalfields Market is open every single day of the week. Here, you’ll find quirky fashion, delicious food and a buzzing atmosphere. Head to the centre to discover the best that Spitalfields has to offer, with the latest aspiring designers and craftsmen creating everything from stunning jewellery to fashionable clothing and accessories.

Located close to plenty of student accommodation, London’s Spitalfields area is famous for its fashion scene. Don’t forget to check out Bellapacella, which is one of the finest stands here, with some wonderful headwear available.

Portobello Road

The Portobello Road area seems to go on forever. The market itself is excellent, whilst you’ll find the best cupcakes in London here. The clothing stalls are best at the weekend, with some vendors offering old collector items including jewellery, record players and old cameras.

If you prefer a more relaxed shopping experience, then Portobello Road is the place for you. The atmosphere is calm and mellow, even when it’s at its busiest over the weekend, so you can wander around the many different vintage stalls at in the market at your own pace.


Camden Market is an iconic part of London’s culture. Here, you’ll find quirky, unique and unusual shops selling all kinds of weird and wonderful items. It is also a great place to pick up some vintage clothing, with both the market hall and lock area home to an array of different goods.

The market hall is where you’ll discover the more expensive, high-end items, whilst the lock area is the spot to head to if you’re into California-style beach apparel. It’s here that you’ll find everything from the 80s neon look to items inspired by African heritage.

Some of the capital’s most famous shopping districts, Spitalfields, Camden Market and Brick Lane, are all close by to student accommodation. London is famous for its iconic, diverse and exciting fashion scene, and you’ll find a huge range of different vintage clothing stores in these areas.
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