The Christmas Crunch: How Couriers Can Survive the Holiday Rush

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but for the hardworking courier driver it is also undoubtedly one of the busiest and most stressful periods. With courier loads comprising a reported 400 million parcels and packages in circulation during this time, it’s not too hard to imagine why.

With the tricky weather and often difficult driving conditions over winter, the Christmas period is certainly not one for the faint-hearted. Many courier companies take on new staff as a temporary measure to compensate for the extra demand, and everyone can expect their workload to majorly increase at this time.

It is, however, a great time for drivers as well. You have the potential to earn significantly more from the increased quantity of available courier loads, whilst you may even find yourself enjoying a little something extra from your customers in the form of a Christmas tip.

The trick to getting through the festive season physically and mentally unscathed is preparation and there are plenty of things you can do - from wrapping up warm to taking regular breaks.

Being Organised

The need to be organised goes without saying for anyone handling courier loads, but the importance increases even more over the Christmas period. With a drastically increased workload you may think that it is practically impossible to stay on top of things. But planning ahead, knowing your routes and understanding what you’re carrying will take away this worry and give you peace of mind out on the roads.

Keeping Warm

In order to stop yourself from becoming ill and potentially missing out on a few days or a week’s work, making sure that you always wrap up warm on the colder days is definitely something to bear in mind. It sounds simple, but investing in some padded gloves and wearing more than just a couple of layers is the best way of achieving this.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Maintaining your hydration levels is also incredibly important for any driver. When you’re in the ‘zone’, it can often be difficult to keep track of how long you’ve been working for and even how long it is since you’ve had some water or food. To keep your mind and body on good form, drinking plenty of water and also ensuring you have regular snacks and healthy meals can prove very beneficial.

Giving Yourself a Break

Working extra hours is a given during this busier time of the year, but it also means that you should be keeping track of your time off as well in order to maintain your good health. Scheduling breaks is vital, especially if you’ve been driving for long periods of time.
Taking a day off every now and again will keep you focussed on those all important courier loads and guarantee that you’re always working to the best of your ability.

The busy season is means plenty more work and plenty more opportunities to be earning good money. Making sure you’re prepared by drinking lots of water, eating well and regularly, wrapping up warm and taking breaks may all seem like common sense (and they are) but everybody needs a little reminder every now and again to take care. So – take care!
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