The Carson’s Store Offers Delicious Breakfast Meals at Affordable Prices

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Mystic CT, (February 22th 2018) – The Carson’s store is known to serve sumptuous breakfast meals for diners of every budget and all through the year too. Breakfast goers can dig into a number of gastronomic delights when they arrive at the Carson’s Store. The Irish Omelet and the Balsamic Veggie Egg White Omelet are particularly well known, as are the Lobster Spinach Provolone Scramble, Lobster Bacon Avocado Omelet and Smothered Home Fries. Carson’s Store gives its customers a number of delicious benedicts to choose from as well such as Bacon Pesto, Eggs Florentine, Smoked Salmon Benedict and Sausage and Red Pepper Benedict. Additionally there are plenty of pancakes, French toasts and egg plates that diners can choose from, all of which are priced pretty moderately and are easy to afford.

Carson’s Store takes care to provide its diners with healthy breakfast foods as well. Health conscious diners can indulge in some oatmeal with brown sugar or honey, grilled veggies, yogurt and a fruit cup containing freshly cut season fruits. A few of the exciting side dishes that diners get to choose from when having a breakfast meal at the Carson’s Store include bagel with butter, single eggs, corned beef hash, grilled muffin with butter, toast, single eggs, side of meat and real maple.

There are plenty of wonderful lunch items for guests to enjoy too at the Carson’s Store. Well known examples include the Lobster BLT, Turkey club sandwich, Turkey Pesto, Tuna Melt and Rueben and steak and cheese sandwiches. Every care is taken to cook the food is as hygienic a manner as possible to prevent guests from falling ill after eating.

Apart from the Ledyard Ct Breakfast, there are delicious ice creams that guests can try out too, when visiting the Carson’s Store. The ice cream Mystic CT served over here includes the store’s own buck ice creams in flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, a number of different milk shakes and floats.

What makes dining at the Carson’s Store in Mystic CT such a wonderful thing to do is that the meals here are always served on time. Customers never have to worry about having to wait for longer hours in order for their meals to arrive.

Customers can also make table reservations prior to their arrival at the Carson’s Store. Table reservations should be made a few hours prior to arrival or the day before. Those who wait upon guests at the Carson’s Store are well behaved and polite and do their best to make sure that guests are as comfortable and happy as possible.

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About the Carson’s Store:

The Carson’s Store opened in as early as 1907 and was administered by Jane Carson in two different locations. It was purchased by the Blackwell family in 1979 and continues to be run by them till date, with Andrew Blacker being at the helm of affairs.Get more info about Ice Cream Mystic Ct

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