The Best Place Names in Britain

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Time for a little monthly entertainment. I know that long journeys are sometimes tiresome and monotononous for truck drivers, so why not make your travels more amusing by tracking down streets, towns and cities with funny names? As I am sure you have already noticed, the UK is full of place names that range from the fantastic to the frankly ridiculous. It has been a tough competition, but I have successfully compiled a list of my favourite places. Get ready to laugh!

Ugley (Essex)

I haven’t made this up – there is a small village in Uttlesford called Ugley (just think of the caption possibilities for your facebook posts!). Originally spelled as “Uggele”, the village’s name means ‘woodland clearing of a man named Ugga’. Ironically, Ugley is actually home to the picturesque 13th century St Peter’s Church and some stunning 16th and 17th century architecture. If any truck drivers are in the area, they might consider stopping for a scenic lunch and an ‘I’m with Ugley’ selfie.

Matching Tye (Essex)

Next is the brilliantly named Matching Tye. Also located in Essex, it is just one of the three villages in the Matching Parish make-up. I wonder if its small population coordinates fashion decisions. If only there were Matching Trousers too!

Warninglid (Sussex)

Yes, this place does exist, and, no, it doesn’t come with flashing red lights. If you know of any truck drivers heading towards the south east of the country, tell them to look out for the small village of Warninglid in Mid Sussex. Boasting a small pub at its centre, this small town has won the Best-Kept Village competition three times.

Barton in the Beans (Leicestershire)

In third place is this small hamlet with its fantastic name. Historically, Barton in the Beans refers to the broad beans that were cultivated here in the 19th century. I, however, love it because it gave way to the brilliantly weird popular saying "Shake a Leicestershire man by the collar and you may hear the beans rattle in his belly”.

Great Snoring (Norfolk)

Truck drivers over the years have always chuckled as they pass by the hilariously named Great Snoring, a rural village by the River Stiffkey in North Norfolk. My favourite fact about this place is that it is situated just two miles away from the village of Little Snoring. Sounds like the snorers split into two camps!

Scratchy Bottom (Dorset)

Finally, my personal favourite: Scratchy Bottom in Dorset. It is said that the ridiculous name refers to the rough hollow of the valley (hysterical, I know!). Famous for its silly name, it was christened as Britain’s second worst place name in a 2012 poll. Fun fact: this village, which is situated on a cliff between Swyre Head and Durdle Door, is also known for being featured in the opening scene of the 1967 film
“Far from the Madding Crowd”.

And there you have it, all my favourite name places (well, apart from a few cheeky rude ones I’d better not mention!). For more on-the-road entertainment, we’re calling for all truck drivers to compile and share their own list of hilariously named towns.

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