The Benefits of Open MRI Scans

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The second week in November marked 2016 National Radiological Technology Week. For the duration of this event, we thanked the radiological technologists at SpineOne for the work they do in taking care of our sufferers. It was gratifying to find out these hard operating specialists be recognized in social media plus the Internet, but more than the course in the week we noticed a trend in the discussion.

MRI Tests and Tension
Speaking about radiological technologies typically leads to a discussion about the experiences people have had acquiring their magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) completed, and those discussions usually follow a sort of pattern, like mainly

“The scan was so uncomfortable”
“I can not stand these coffin-like tubes”
“My claustrophobia won’t let me get an MRI”
“I had to take a valium to relax”

Within a closed MRI, the a part of the physique getting imaged has to be centered inside a fairly extended tube. MRI scans are often physically painless, but they is often extremely unpleasant for those who suffer from claustrophobia or who're otherwise uncomfortable inside the modest tube of a closed MRI. Because scans can take so long as 40 minutes, even mildly claustrophobic sufferers have a hard time tolerating an entire scan with out medication or management.

In a great deal of circumstances, the pretty notion on the scan is so unpleasant that people keep away from it outright, and we’ve heard stories of people who will prevent finding a essential MRI simply because they’re worried in regards to the discomfort with the experience. Continuing to live with back discomfort, joint discomfort, or any sort of spine condition because of this discomfort is entirely unnecessary.

Open MRI Benefits

All of this is the reason we choose to offer you Open MRI scans at SpineOne. Open MRI technology provides an alternative for individuals that are uneasy or uncomfortable with closed MRI scans. The wide-open design with the scanner makes it possible for our sufferers to look around the space (based on the physique part becoming scanned), listen to music, and appreciate the experience with no getting enclosed in a tube.

The imaging and capabilities of open MRI scanners are greater than sufficient for most exams, which includes

Spine exams for bulging discs and other disorders
Joint exams for indicators of arthritis and injury
The open design also permits extra chance for positioning, usually enabling critical body parts to be scanned with out causing further discomfort.

Our imaging staff might be the initial to tell you that the far more comfy a patient is, the superior the results in the imaging is going to be. That’s why our complete facility and staff are made to supply you with complete education and total comfort for the duration of your process. Our ultimate objective is for you to be pain free as comfortably as you can.
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